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Instagram Influencers You Should Follow 2018

Davneet Dhillon
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Social Media is always changing and new influencers are on the rise. Whether you’re in need of fashion inspiration or makeup, hair, and spa trends, here are a few influencers and graduates from John Casablancas Institute that you need to follow.

Gillian Cortes / @gcbeautyyy

JCI Body Spa graduate Gillian Cortes is an expert lash technician. Gillian has over 4,500 followers on Instagram and is accepting new clients! Need a lash fill just in time for Valentine’s Day? Check out Gillian’s Instagram page for lash inspo.

Megan Reynolds / @megan.reynolds

From fashion to daily inspiration, JCI Fashion Business & Creative Arts graduate Megan Reynolds is someone you need to follow on Instagram. Up to 5000 followers, Megan is not only an Instagram influencer, she also has her own blog where you can shop her looks and keep up with her travel diaries and lifestyle.

Jason Pillay / @jasonpillay

There’s no stopping this JCI Fashion Business & Creative Arts graduate from traveling the world in style. Jason Pillay is a fashion stylist and creative director who has worked on the set of music videos and television shows including Riverdale, styled editorial photoshoots for magazines such as HUF Magazine and Elegant Magazine and recently visited London for Fashion Week.

Close to 7,000 followers on Instagram, follow Jason for updates on his life as a fashion stylist! View more of his professional work here.

Shauni Karbowiak / @shaunicosmetics 

With over 5,400 followers on Instagram, Shauni Karbowiak is an Instagram beauty influencer and JCI Makeup Artistry graduate. If you’re looking to try new makeup looks this year, then you’ve got to hit that follow button on Shauni’s makeup account!

Sasha Leah / @sashaleahnails

Sasha is unstoppable when it comes to nail art! This JCI Body Spa graduate experiments with glitters, shimmers, metallics and more when it comes to nails. Her Instagram account consists of creative nail designs and colors. Not only does Sasha specialize in nail art, she also does lash extensions, waxing, and eyebrow tinting. Leave it to Sasha to get you pampered for a night out!

Meo Ho / @mymanemeo 

Looking for a local hairstylist? JCI Hair Artistry graduate Meo is a volunteer hairstylist for Covenant House, Vancouver and a hairstylist at Axis Hair Salon. Meo was also featured on Daily Hive Vancouver as one of Vancouver’s Best Hairdressers that will give you hair goals.

For more influential Instagram bloggers, follow John Casablancas Institute on Instagram to see what our students and graduates are doing in Hair, Makeup, Fashion and Body Spa!

JCI has earned its internationally renowned reputation by taking a personalized approach to education.

Throughout each program of study, creativity and passion are celebrated to ensure that every student maximizes their potential and reaches their goals. Our small class sizes also reflect our commitment to quality education and fostering individual growth.

JCI not only focuses on providing the most cutting-edge and relevant training available, but it also takes your postgraduate success to heart. Program Directors and Industry Liaisons are on staff to assist your transition from initial concept to securing your dream job.

Our local and international connections give you unparalleled access to makeup, fashion, hair and spa opportunities, and we fully recognize that our reputation is defined by our graduates’ success. We’re searching for students that share our vision and will bring their unique style, commitment and drive to the table




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