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Introducing the One Forty Two Fashion Show


The first and most important part of planning a fashion show involves theme building. In most scenarios, the glamorous shows we see on are built upon the same theme that has influenced the designers’ collection.

In the classrooms here at John Casablancas Institute, themes are built based on proposals and voting. The most popular theme is re-pitched and rebuilt again, and then again one more time. Until the theme has been taken apart and put back together so many times it’s hard to remember where you started.

This year’s theme is the Frankenstein love child that started with a Dior ad campaign set in a forest with pastel gowns, then was rebuilt upon the flower rooms in Dior’s Fall/Winter Haute Couture Show, then lastly re-inspired by an elaborate dining table setting.

For this year’s Fashion Show and Awards Gala produced by Fashion Business and Creative Arts Group 142 you can certainly expect a few flowers, a candelabra and maybe a set of antlers. Come see for yourself!

The One Forty Two Fashion Show in support of the Looking Glass Foundation happens Thursday November 21 at Villa Amato (88 East 1st St), doors at 6:30, awards at 7:00, and show at 7:30. Tickets are available at JCI (220 Cambie), $25 in advance, $15 for JCI students, or $30 at the door.

Roy Wilcox, JCI Fashion Student

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