Born and raised in Calgary, Alberta, Janell Bye moved to Vancouver, BC at the age of 19 and immediately fell in love with the city. Starting out young, Janell was a personal hairstylist to her many Barbie dolls when she was growing up. She later began practicing braiding and curling techniques on her friends. There was no doubt that Janell had a passion for hair and wanted to pursue a career as a hairstylist.

“What stood out almost immediately was the individuality and all of its forms. From hairstyles to artwork, to clothing and tattoos, Vancouver was all so new and inspiring. When I am not cutting hair I am biking the Seawall, enjoying the outdoors, and hanging out with friends.” 

Janell’s journey at John Casablancas Institute first began in 2014, when she enrolled in the Fashion Business & Creative Arts Program. Not only was Janell passionate about hair, she was just as interested in fashion and creative arts.

“Coming from an art and fashion background I can appreciate how hair and fashion can reflect an individual’s personal style. Having a good hair day is something everybody strives for. I love the artistic outlet that both the Fashion and Hair Artistry Programs have given me and I love when I get the opportunity to bring my fashion knowledge behind the chair to my clients.”

Weaving two industries together has allowed Janell to know what’s trending in both fashion and hair. She is currently working on a blog which will be her outlet for sharing her knowledge of both industries in one spot.
Before beginning the Hair Artistry Program at JCI, Janell had scored herself a position as a receptionist at Hairsoda, a salon located in North Vancouver. With great mentors to teach her all the insider tips and tricks to becoming an amazing hairstylist, Janell was inspired every day.

Shawn Scheepers, founder of Hairsoda, and hairstylist Jericka Los are two of JCI’s Hair Program graduates who have been working alongside with Janell and had nothing but amazing things to say about the Program. This influenced Janell’s decision to enroll at JCI in September 2017. 

“JCI focuses on hands-on experience and teaching techniques that are current. It has given me such a solid foundation, and learning from instructors who are currently working in the industry gave all of us students real-world experience. I loved the fact that we learned haircuts on the first day and we got to work on clients shortly after. A lot of my teachers went to JCI as well which is encouraging, as many of them have successful careers in the industry.”

While working at Hairsoda, Janell was inspired by the stylists around her and all things creative. Instagram is a platform with many international hairstylists and a few stylists that Janell was influenced by were Habit Salon, Michelle Hair, Guy Tang, Chris Weber, Elissa Wolfe (JCI Hair graduate), Hair by Sarmad, Zach Mesquit and Eva Lam

“My style is definitely bohemian— I love creating big bold braids and beachy waves. I love the undone messy but put together look, if that makes any sense.”

One of the biggest lessons Janell learned was to network while at school. Graduating from both the fashion and the hair program, she has a great understanding of both industries and can merge the two careers together to help her clients feel their very best.

“Do the JCI mixers and BYOBS, I met so many amazing makeup artists and fashion stylists and other hair students. You may end up collaborating down the road and it is a great way to build relationships with other artists in the industry.”

The Hair Industry is very competitive, as well as Fashion— which is why networking and getting hands-on experience is extremely beneficial.

“I was lucky to have great mentors who took the time to teach me in a real salon environment. Also, never underestimate the power of social media. Instagram is a necessity to build your portfolio. It is a great way to showcase your quality of work and is also a value to your potential clients, as it showcases your individual talent and what sets you apart from the rest. It is so important to be consistent with your posts and Instagram is a great tool for all stylists to have.”

Janell is currently working as a stylist-in-training at Hairsoda and hopes to be fully-booked at the salon while continuing to learn new techniques and be up to date with the industry.

“My goal always is and always will be to make sure my clients leave my chair loving their new look. Whether its a trim, cut, color or an entire style, I want them to genuinely love their new hair and feel both confident and beautiful. I love being a part of the process of a client getting a makeover, whether it’s a trim or a dramatic new look—  I hope my clients are completely satisfied and leave the chair feeling their best!”

Janell’s Must-Have Hair Products: Dry shampoo from Dove (Drugstore find) and Purple Shampoo and Conditioner from Kevin Murphy
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Hair Stylists and Colour Technicians are sought out in some of the most exciting and fast-paced industries in the world including film, fashion, TV and photography. The Hair Art Design Program at JCI is the only accredited hair school in BC approved for a 520-hour curriculum. The program is 20 hours per week and offers the option of morning, afternoon, evening or weekend classes so that students can work at their current jobs while retraining for a new career. Our faculty is comprised of top working professionals and guest instructors whose focus is on the future of hair. This is a modern program providing a strong foundation of cutting a