Born in Edmonton, Alberta and raised in Vancouver, BC, Jason Pillay is a fashion stylist who also works in the film industry and manages a small dance group.

“I always loved seeing what people wore at red carpet events, fashion and award shows. Even watching music videos, I was intrigued by the creative direction.”

Jason enrolled at John Casablancas Institute for the Fashion Business and Creative Arts Program in 2014 to further educate his knowledge in fashion and seek opportunities in the industry.

“I always had an interest in fashion and knew JCI would be the right place for me.”

Before beginning his journey with JCI, Jason took empowerment and personal growth courses at workshops to experiment what career path he wanted to take. Enrolling at JCI helped Jason narrow down his options and he knew exactly what direction he wanted to take in the fashion industry—styling.

At first, Jason didn’t know exactly what a “stylist” was— but he knew he enjoyed putting outfits together, shopping and helping his friends and family select clothes for their wardrobe.

“I had a captivating experience at JCI. It was a rollercoaster of emotions, but definitely a memorable year. I knew going into the program it would be very tough as I had many commitments before and during the duration of the program, but I was certain the timing was right.”

While Jason was studying Fashion at JCI, he was also working two part-time jobs, managing a dance group, building a career and maintaining a social life. During the program, he also completed a twelve-week internship.

“I had a great time with all my courses in the program at JCI. My classmates turned into a family and all the teachers became personal mentors. The great thing about the program is that it covers the diversity of careers in the fashion industry.”

After graduating in 2015, Jason continued to focus on his personal growth and gained more experience in the industry. He launched his career as a stylist and worked hard to create his own brand.

“The highlight of that year, (2015), was being able to attend New York Fashion Week where I was able to see all the magic that goes on from behind the scenes!”

Jason has been inspired by watching people around him grow and achieve what they want. Hearing successful fashion icons of major designer brands share their stories and journey has been inspirational to the stylist.

“My family and friends are everyday inspirations.”

From attending New York Fashion Week to presenting his very own show at Eco Fashion Week in both Vancouver and Seattle, Jason has had a number of prize moments throughout his career. His favorite styling project thus far has been working on an actor for the Fox series, “Empire.” Most recently, he has also been styling a high profile international celebrity client.

“The best part of working in the fashion industry include: being able to express yourself, meet people, travel and have a variety of careers options.”

Jason acknowledges that there are a lot of different areas to work in as a stylist. The first tip he would give to students aspiring to get into this career path is to figure out your niche. Secondly, begin to network as much as you can because it is important to meet people and stay relevant.

“Nothing comes easy and you will hear the word “no” from time to time, but that doesn’t mean you should give up. You have to work hard in order to go a long way to your career.”

When Jason isn’t working on styling projects, you can find him spending time alone for self-therapy, hanging out with his friends and family, planning new projects and traveling. He recently got back from a vacation from Central America which was followed by a trip to Los Angeles.

“I have plenty of projects that will be revealed in the future. I am hoping to go to London in September and the rest of what goes on in my life can be viewed from my  social media outlets!”

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