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JCI Body Spa Grad Spotlight: Marvice MacLean

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JCI body spa graduate Marvis Mcklean

Tell us about what you do in the Body Spa/Esthetic industry. Prior to joining the esthetic industry, I worked in the corporate world for almost 20 years. My background was China Sourcing and Procurement Management. In my last career, I accumulated my work experience with different multinational companies. I used to work with different people from different cultural backgrounds, including Chinese, Japanese, Korean, American and European. I can speak and write fluent Chinese and English.

Esthetics is my passion. I enrolled in JCI’s Body Spa Program in 2012 and graduated with distinction. After I became a certified esthetician, I achieved my dream of opening up my own skincare studio in 2014. My skincare studio, Lumiere Skin Health & Wellness Centre, is located in Downtown Vancouver and opened for business by January 2015.

What inspired you to start your own business? I was always very passionate about skincare and makeup from a very young age.  My mother is a businesswoman and wears makeup and looks polished every day. She taught me that a woman’s skin is her best accessory. She’s probably the first person who had a major influence on me about professional image and self care.  I was also very curious and had a thirst for knowledge when it comes to skin science. I always wondered why women of the same age could look so differently. I learnt that how a woman looking after herself plays a very big part in it. I want to spread the knowledge I have learned over the past decades and help other women look younger and feel great about themselves without going under the knife.

Tell us about Lumiere Skin Health & Wellness Centre. Lumiere Skin Health & Wellness Centre specializes in advanced anti-aging facial treatment and aromatherapy. We use a consultative approach in recommending treatment and product. We help our customers identify their skin type and skin conditions then set up beauty goals to achieve a desirable result. We believe in using natural & non-aggressive treatment. With the aid of high quality and result-driven skincare products they can use at home, every woman can achieve beautiful skin with ease. We believe every woman deserves to look beautiful and feel fabulous and we are here to help.

Are there any unique or popular services that Lumiere offers? What product lines do you carry? Our most popular service is the Silk Peel Dermal-Infusion treatment, which is a medical grade microdermabrasion.  While we use the diamond wand to remove the dead cell from the surface of your skin, we infuse a targeted solution into the skin that can treat dry skin, sun damage, hyper pigmentation and acne. The treatment is soothing, relaxing and highly effective. It’s a facial that our client can get WOW result in the first treatment. We’d recommend our client to do a series of 6 treatment in the first 3 months to get the maximum result and benefits. As for products, I carry BABOR skincare for face. This is a high-end skincare from Germany who was established 60 years ago.  They have a comprehensive range of products that can treat different skin types and skin conditions.  To me, it’s very exciting as I am as if having many tools in my tool box that can help my clients with different skin concerns. I also carry Aromatherapy Associates from London England. I recommend my clients to use Aromatherapy to de-stress and relax.  I carry 11 pre-blended oil to treat different body conditions, including jet lag, insomnia, digestions, hormonal imbalance, etc. For me, Aromatherapy is an alternative natural remedy which can be very helpful to many people. As for makeup, I carry Youngblood mineral makeup and BABOR as well. I also carry ELTA MD sunscreen which is a zinc-based sunscreen, TEALEAVES tea and Warm Buddy in my spa. Can you tell I love shopping?

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Tell us about your experience while attending JCI’s Body Spa program. I had a memorable learning experience at JCI. I found the curriculum very comprehensive and they taught us everything we need to know to become a qualified esthetician.  The school adheres high learning standard and emphasizes on professionalism which is what I like. The teachers are very knowledgeable, patient and personable, in fact, I still maintain contact with my teachers even after I graduated. My favourite moment at school was providing services in the school spa.  It was exciting whenever I practiced what I had just learnt!

Do you have any advice for students and new graduates entering the esthetic industry? For anyone who wants to start their own business you should do extensive research before committing to anything. This is a very competitive industry and you don’t want to get into it without knowing your industry and your competition. Building a personal and professional network as early as possible is also something I would also recommend. As for students and new graduates, you should continue to keep yourself abreast with the development and knowledge of the industry. It’s a very dynamic industry and it’s going to keep changing, fast! Attending spa shows every year to get more education and connecting with like-minded people in the industry are extremely important. Don’t be shy- go out and network more, tell people what you can offer, and promote yourself and your services!

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The 44-week Body Spa Program is one of a kind in professional spa training, encompassing basic and advanced spa services. The program consists of in-depth theory and practical knowledge, constant student practice, family practice week, weekly tests, creative projects and spa floor services in a beautiful spa setting. By the end of the program, you will be spa ready by projecting professionalism and confidence in performing both basic and advanced spa services.


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