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Tell us about what you do in the Makeup and Body Spa industry?
I attended John Casablancas Institute for both the Makeup Artistry Program and the Body Spa Program  between 2012-2013. I had an amazing experience in both of these programs and the teachers were amazing as they prepared me for the real world! Since then, I have been employed at Eccotique Salon And Spa in Langley, however in this coming March I am very excited to announce that my business partner Brittany (who is a hairstylist) and I will be opening our own salon and spa.

What inspired you to get into the Makeup and Body Spa industry?

For both me and Brittany, we are the type to make people happy and being in the Makeup and Body Spa industry is the perfect way to do so. I’ve also always been into the newest trends in the makeup world. In high school I loved spending every chance I could at MAC Cosmetics asking questions about all their products. When it came time to graduate high school it seemed like a no brainer to dive into the Makeup industry and what better place to study then at JCI.

It’s exciting to hear that you are opening up your own salon and spa! Tell us more about this new venture. Yes! Me and Brittany have always dreamed of how amazing it would be to own our business but never thought it was possible. That all changed after an post work dinner. We found an amazing little studio in Langley which had been a successful hair studio for the past 7 years. The owners had out grown the space and needed someone to take over for them and felt me and Brittany were the perfect fit. That is how the Looking Glass Salon and Spa was born! It has been a great labor of love by both Brittany and I and though it hasn’t always been easy it definitely has been an amazing feeling creating something to call our own.What kind of services will you be offering at The Looking Glass Salon and Spa? The Looking Glass Salon and Spa will be a full service salon and spa. Services will include everything from head to toe. We will even be offering weave-in extensions, eyelash extensions, spray tans, and more.

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What motivated you to choose these programs at JCI?
I’ve always been  interested in makeup from an young age so makeup artistry will always will be my first love. I also loved the aspect of getting to work with many clients on a daily basis and really getting to know them on a personal level, which drew me into the Body Spa program. Both these programs compliment each other. For example, an aspect of makeup is to understand the skin, which is a huge part in esthetics.Do you have any favorite moments from attending JCI? I really loved every moment at JCI, honestly! We had so much fun everyday especially during the makeup program. Turning around to see your classmates in a full beard application or better yet in an old age prosthetic was hands down some of the funniest moments of my life. Being in the Body Spa program was a little different- spending my days at school getting pampered and pampering fellow classmates was pretty amazing.

If anyone was interested in a job opportunity at The Looking Glass Salon and Spa, how would be the best way to apply? We are looking for a few more to join our team! Please email all resumes to keep up with the The Looking Glass Spa and Salon, follow their Instagram: @lookingglass_salonspa


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