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Nestled in a charming suite in Vancouver’s downtown core lies Lumière Skin Health & Wellness Centre, a relaxing and luxurious spa studio. Lumiere opened in 2014, only one year after owner Marvice Maclean graduated from the JCI Body Spa Esthetics Program. With its intimate and personal setting, it’s no surprise that Lumiere’s attention to detail and quality service for each guest is second-to-none. Their services come complete with expertise, care, and top-notch products, ensuring noticeable results for clients.

Learning outside of the classroom environment is a valuable component of JCI’s curriculum, and our Body Spa Class #623 recently had the opportunity to visit Lumiere. One lucky student experienced a Luminex LED Light Therapy Facial which was well received- and very refreshing! The students also tried a few of Lumiere’s products, including Babor a pioneer in luxury professional skincare.  Our visit to this lovely spa turned into an inspiring lesson as Marvice shared her success story as a business owner and JCI alumni. This is the power of experiential learning in realistic and professional environments.

Positive reviews don’t just stop at the students- read some for yourself and you’ll see that their clients take as much pride in Lumiere as Marvice does. Based on what they say and what our students have seen, Lumiere is the spot to go if you’re looking for result-driven spa services with one-on-one attention in a relaxing and convenient location.

Trying one of their monthly promotions can be a good start!


The goal of JCI’s Body Spa Esthetics Program is to provide the most advanced curriculum available while training our students in a realistic spa environment. The required practical experience with actual clients gives our graduates the desired industry advantage.


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