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What do you do for work now that you’ve graduated from JCI’s Fashion Business & Creative Arts Program? I work as a freelance fashion stylist and for a luxury retailer. I also manage and perform with a dance group, Jawani Ka Jatka (JKJ), and occasionally work in the costume department for the film industry. My schedule is always very packed and I’m constantly stepping out of my comfort zone, but I love being busy- I can’t complain!

What inspired you to get into the Fashion industry? To be honest, and as cliche as this sounds, everything and everyone around me. What inspires me the most is my surroundings- the people, the energy, and the fulfillment that comes along the way. I didn’t have a clue as to what I wanted to do with my career once I completed secondary school. I’ve always had an interest in fashion and a creative eye for detail. I explored numerous industries, trying to figure out life as we all do during our teenage years, and could not find something I was passionate about. One of the things I felt confident about was fashion. Whether it was my personal style, shopping with friends, or giving fashion advice to others, it felt very natural to me. I started working in the industry by volunteering at events, networking, researching, and was so inspired by these small experiences, that I knew it was the right direction for me.

Do you have any favorite moments from attending JCI? My favorite moments from attending fashion school would be the relationships I built with my classmates and instructors. I learned so much from everyone and we all shared great laughs, cries, and restless nights. Seeing our fashion show, Equinox, come to life was probably the most anticipated day throughout the year. The hours of work that was put into creating the show and finally seeing the finished product was bittersweet. The first and last day of school was my most memorable. Walking into a room filled with different personalities, creative people you don’t know, and being with the same people every day, turned out to being an amazing experience. Whoa, that was deep. Go Class 147! 🙂

How would you describe your sense of style. I just asked someone to help me answer this question and she said that my style is “refreshing, empowering, and fierce”. In my thoughts, my sense of style is very eccentric, innovative and versatile. I’m always wanting to step out of my comfort zone and switch up my looks. I love experimenting with different colors, pieces, something out of the norm, and then creating it into my “OOTD.” (For all the non-Instagram users, that’s an abbreviation for outfit of the day.) For the ones that know me, I love accessories. Whether it’s rings, necklaces, scarves, or hats, my looks will never be complete without accessories. My jewelry collection is pretty intense. I call it love. Some call it an addiction. One thing I am working on is to have a diverse shoe collection. I’m all about that combat boot life. I literally have them in all the neutral tones and double pairs of the ones I wear everyday.

Name an essential closet piece every person should have.

A sharp blazer preferably in black. If you don’t have one, you’re missing out!

You recently attended New York Fashion Week. Can you share your experience and what you did there?

New York was definitely one of my most memorable experiences. I loved being there, and the whole experience still feels surreal. The people were very welcoming, the food was delicious, and the city itself was beautiful. We stayed at the historic Waldorf which was very accommodating and became best friends traveling around with UBER. I went to New York Fashion Week and to see my best friend’s collection go live on one of the runways- such a crazy moment! We got to attend some shows, attend fittings, meet talented people, and sit front row alongside a few celebrities ;). The fashion is very intriguing and the pizza slices were the size of my face. The trip definitely felt short, but I plan on going back real soon. I love you New York!

What advice do you have for newly graduated Fashion students?

Don’t sit around and wait for things to happen. If you can sit and complain about something, then you have the time to get up and do something about it. As blunt as it sounds, its the truth. I say this because I’ve heard from numerous people that they aren’t where they want to be. Not saying I am anywhere special, but we all start somewhere, and if you don’t make the effort, you’ll be in the same spot. Don’t be scared. It’s normal not to know what you want to do, or where you want to be once your completed school. I still don’t know what I’m doing half the time but your options are limitless and anything is possible. Networking is very important and always be yourself. For current students, volunteer for all those events that we get emailed about. They all help you for the long run even if you are just taping shoes. The workload throughout the program is a lot, but once its completed, your back into the real world. If someone says no, don’t be afraid to try again. I’ve experienced this multiple times, but I come back with a smile. All the advice I’m writing are things I say to myself on the daily. Just remember to have fun with everything your doing. Enjoy and be in the moment. I’m still not close to where I want to be, but I’ve had an amazing start, great experiences, and can’t wait for what’s next!

What projects can we expect from you in the next while?

I can’t spill, but I’ve been working and meeting with multiple people regarding new projects and hope I can share them with everyone soon.  Traveling is also in my schedule for the new year. I’m exploring new areas of the industry, so who knows where you will see me next 😉 Perhaps doing red carpet? In any case, follow my social media accounts to stay updated!

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JCI’s Fashion Business & Creative Arts Diploma Program provides students with a comprehensive overview of the fashion industry, combining creative and business elements. This diverse approach gives our grads a distinct advantage both in knowledge and skill.

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