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Currently working on Lifetime’s new rendition of the Beverly Hill’s 90210 movie, Kate has kept herself more than busy in the world of makeup over recent years. She started her career in film and television in London in 2001 working in graphics and then moved into hair and makeup. Since her move to Vancouver, Kate has kept the ball rolling. Since landing a key makeup position back in 2010 on Sindoor, a film in which she was ultimately nominated for a Leo award, Kate has been on a steady roll.


Her impressive list of IMDB accomplishments include working on several tv series such as “The Wright Stuff” , “Doctor, Doctor “and the “Flash”. Kate’s website also boasts and impressive collection of editorial photos.

kateBB Check out to see more of Kate’s amazing work! ____________________________________________________________________________________________

“Everywhere you look, JCI grads are leaving their mark in the entertainment biz. From working the red carpet at the Grammy’s to shooting prime-time hits such as “Supernatural” and building impressive audiences on social media. While their jobs may vary, our grads have one thing in common: SUCCESS.

We’re sure none of them would say it was easy, but all would concur that hard work pays off. In the business of beauty, perseverance is the key to longevity. Work hard, stay consistent, be reliable, and you’ll be in demand.”

~Blog contributor: Jennine Cook, Makeup Program Industry Liaison

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