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JCI Grad Spotlight: Leigh Dickson


Leigh Dickson Makeup Artist airbrush

Leigh graduated from the JCI Makeup Artistry Diploma program just 3 years ago, but she didn’t waste any time working her way up in the biz. Leigh has worked for Kiss and Makeup, All Dolled Up, and most recently you can find her pretty much anywhere that the makeup elite hang out.

Leigh Dickson Makeup Artist Ghost Makeup

Gaining serious ground through social media, Leigh’s YouTube channel is one not to miss with it’s jam-packed list of amazing tutorials

Leigh Dickson Makeup Tutorial Smoky Eye

More than just a pretty face, Leigh is the total package gaining more than 162,000 followers on Instagram and building her business as a reputable makeup authority.  Visit her website at:


“Everywhere you look, JCI grads are leaving their mark in the entertainment biz. From working the red carpet at the Grammy’s to shooting prime-time hits such as “Supernatural” and building impressive audiences on social media. While their jobs may vary, our grads have one thing in common: SUCCESS.

We’re sure none of them would say it was easy, but all would concur that hard work pays off. In the business of beauty, perseverance is the key to longevity. Work hard, stay consistent, be reliable, and you’ll be in demand.”

~Blog contributor: Jennine Cook, Makeup Program Industry Liaison

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