JCI Hair Grad Rosalinda Diaz
(Rosalinda Diaz on the left with Artel salon owner Eliza Trendiak on the right)
Describe the moment when you realized you wanted to be a hairstylist.
I have always known I wanted to be a hairstylist. Since I can remember I have always been passionate about making people feel beautiful. When I was about 7 years old my mom took me to her hairstylist in Yaletown to get four hot pink highlights on either side of my head. I was mesmerized by all of the beautiful stylists doing beautiful colours, cuts and styles on their clients. I thought that they were just the most amazing people on the planet, and I desperately wanted to be one of them. From then on, I looked forward to going to the hairdressers weeks before my appointments. I felt at home in the salon and I knew that, that was where I belonged.
Do you have any favourite moments from attending JCI?
There were so many amazing moments and memories I have from attending JCI. From learning new color/ cut techniques, to in-class guest speakers, to having a laugh with the whole class in a group discussion with one of our many wonderful teachers. Many of my fondest memories are from being in class working on Judy heads listening to music and just generally having the best time with classmates.
What hair trend are you currently enjoying?
I am LOVING all of the fashion colours in trend right now! From fun multicoloured balayages to solid pastels. I have been doing a lot of dusty lavender colours on my blonde clients right now who want something a little fun for summer with no up keep or gross fading process. The lavender fades into a perfect icy blonde leaving all of my clients so happy with their hair even when its fading!
Which brand or product line do like to use?
I love Kevin Murphy products. Not only do the bottles look so modern and fresh, but the products smell amazing. Kevin Murphy products are so light weight in the hair, yet so concentrated that the bottles last so long and you always get a great result with the benefit of the hair still feeling fresh, soft and product free.
Tell us about your experience working at Artel Salon.
This is the second salon that I have rented a chair in and I love the responsibility and freedom it gives me. Artel Salon is owned by an amazing stylist named Eliza Trendiak who I had previously worked with at another salon. It is such a treat to work with such amazing stylists in a salon that I have so much love and respect for. Artel Salon feels like a second home to me and I love going to work everyday. I feel so fortunate to have a job that I am so passionate about and I could not imagine doing anything else.
Which celebrity would you want to work on and why?
Kylie Jenner hands down. She is very adventurous with her hair colours and styles I feel like we could create something so much fun for her. Kylie has also collaborated with Guy Tang who is my hair stylist inspiration and Bellami extensions which is a very popular hair extension company. I know I could definitely learn a lot about the business side of hair styling by learning about her experience with Guy Tang and Bellami extensions. Plus, imagine all of the Instagram followers I would gain from doing Kylie’s hair!
What advice do you have for new hair graduates entering the industry?
Never stop learning. This industry is so fast paced and there are always different trends and techniques to learn. If you look away for even a minute you’ll miss something new. A brilliant JCI instructor told our class that the moment you’ve stopped learning, is the moment that you have stopped being a great hairdresser.
For more info about Rosalinda or to book a service, visit her website: HairByRosalinda and follow her on Instagram: @HairByRosalinda
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