Hats are a great addition to almost any outfit. They are the best at disguising a bad hair day and make you look stylish in an instant. That being said, they do make you stand out, which can sometimes make people nervous about wearing them.

fedora women hat

Hats have been really, really popular the past few years. But how can you figure out what you like and what looks good on you?

Try it on

flopy hat ewomen
Head to the accessories section try on a whole bunch of hats! Once you see all those styles and colours right next to each other you can get a better idea of what works for you. Forever 21, H&M, or even department stores like The Bay usually have a good selection at reasonable prices. If you’re shopping alone, find a friendly sales associate (who is well dressed of course!) and ask for their honest opinion.

Classic always wins

fedora camel hat
If you’re intimidated by hats it’s best to stick to something simple. Neutral colours and classic shapes will always take you further than a something super bold and trendy. That way once you find what you’re looking for you will likely enjoy wearing it for much longer.

Work the angles

large floppy hat
The right hat might seem all wrong if it’s not sitting well on your head. Try it tilted further back or forward and play around with your hair style to find the most flattering and comfortable look. Getting the right size is also very important so it stays on your head but isn’t too tight.

Don’t worry about it!

straw hat women
Fashion at its best is fun and makes you feel attractive and confident. Look for a hat that does that and you will want to wear it all the time!

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