blond balayage
Balayage, hairpainting, colour melting: it all sounds so delicious! But what is it? A new hair trend- or cake decorating?
I will break it down for you and give some ideas to consider if it’s right for you. Along with some inspirational photos, you should have no problem getting the cake, I mean colour, you’re looking for!
Purple balayage
Balayage, by definition, is to specifically place colour in the hair for definition, highlighting or contouring. Like the makeup trends of contouring and strobing, balayage can highlight around your face, your layers and just the tips of your hair for natural, sun-kissed or high-impact definition. This is definitely a pros game! This requires a well-trained eye to place the colour right where it should be, seamlessly and as if it’s always been there. This placement also grows out very easily with little to no maintenance if done well! It is great for someone who is looking for a highlighting colour,with less trips to the salon. This technique, however, does usually cost more!
Pink balayage
Hand or hair painting is very similar to balayage, but typically with more colour. Similar to colour-dipped ends, or ombré. This typically leaves the ends and layers more colour saturated (brighter) than the roots- definitely more definition and higher contrast than a Balayage. Great if you’re looking for high-contrast blonde or vivid colour ends or not-so-natural colouring. It still takes a trained hairstylist to watch for placement.
Green yellow balayage
Colour melting is a combo of both techniques. This look is costly and time-consuming! A seamless blend of tones varying from darker to lighter from root to end best describes a colour melt. It can be blonde, red or any vivid colour that goes from dark to light. This technique is a difficult one and requires a fair amount of pre-lightening the hair to achieve. You definitely will want a consult for this one! These colours are more high maintenance, require a larger budget, and home care to keep the colour(s) from fading.
As always, I highly encourage everyone to have colour consults before any big change to be prepared for budget planning and of course to ensure you and your stylist are on the right page!

Hair Blog contributor: Elissa Wolfe, JCI HAD Instructor
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