Holiday Hair
If you have been into any coffee shop or mall,then I’m sure you’ve realized that the holiday season is here. We just can’t get away from it- the decorations, the music and of course the HAIR! No holiday party season would be complete without a special occasion updo and a few selfies, so here are a few tips to get you through the work parties, the social functions, the lunches and even New Year’s Eve with holiday hair that gets you noticed!
Depending on your social calendar, you may be booked right to the end of this month, or perhaps you only have one big glam night out. Whatever the case is, pick the big night out for the salon booking. This will require a bit of planning so don’t wait to call for an appointment! This is the busiest time of the year!
Holiday Hair Blog Updo
Ask for an updo specialist if you’re calling a new salon and bring pictures! Heres a hint: find pictures that look like your hair length, density and colour as this will suggest more realistic outcomes with your hair. If you’re open to it, and you trust your stylist, ask them to just do their thing! Remember they know you and your hair AND they are the specialist!
Here are a couple of holiday ideas you can do at home:
Holiday Hair Blog Waves
Waves for days: get a hair wand- it will be worth the investment. Curl your whole head in the same direction, then brush into smooth waves with a natural bristle brush. For a quick vintage glam look, pin one side behind your ear with an embellished hair clip or pin. Check out TopShop, The Bay and Claire’s for great deals on hair accessories.
Holiday Hair Blog Low Bun
Piled up low bun: soft and sexy does the trick, and this works well if you’re wearing a high neck or collared dress/top. Start with some curls in your hair, then section out from the top of your head to the top of your ears on both sides. Backcomb the crown then smooth the crown and back into a ponytail. Wrap the ends up around the ponytail and pin in. Then sweep the sides back one at a time and pin into the ponytail. Leave a side swept fringe out for a mega glam look.
Holiday Hair Blog Wavy Pony Tail
And remember when all else fails at home, call your stylist! Beg, borrow or steal an appointment and bring some Christmas cheer!

Blog contributor: Elissa Wolfe, JCI HAD Instructor
Hair Stylists and Colour Technicians are sought out in some of the most exciting and fast-paced industries in the world including film, fashion, TV and photography. The Hair Art Design Program at JCI is the only accredited hair school in BC approved for a 520-hour curriculum. The program is 20 hours per week and offers the option of morning, afternoon, evening or weekend classes so that students can work at their current jobs while retraining for a new career. Our faculty is comprised of top working professionals and guest instructors whose focus is on the future of hair. This is a modern program providing a strong foundation of cutting and colouring techniques.