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Time to up your hair game!
Found yourself in a a bit of hair slump? It’s time to find yourself some new tricks that’ll kick your hair game into high gear. Here are some tips and go-to products to get your new ‘do started off right:
1) Dry shampoo. Try out a few, but definitely try it out. I find the aerosol versions the easiest to use and feel the best in my fine hair. Check out this link to to see their top ten!
Tip: Spray or shake dry shampoo into dirty roots. Comb through gently and either blow dry a few sections on the top to set on a round brush or wrap hair around large wand for great texture.
2) Hair wand. This tool is perfect for lazy-day hair and gives some life to dull dirty hair. Want Beach waves? Take large sections and wrap all moving away from your face.


Tip: Don’t wrap your ends around the wand, instead only curl the root and mid-shaft and leave your ends straight. Shake all sections out and spray with hairspray for messy, lived-in hair. Inspired by the very talented Ahn Co Tran of Ramirez/Tran salon.
3) Jazz up your bobby pins! Try three pins in a row to hold your fringe or make a triangle shape out of pins to hold your hair half up. Check this out from Pinterest on how to glam up your basic hair pins.
Jazzed Up Bobby Pins
Tip: Buy some coloured ones or simply paint your own with bright polish or paint and let dry. This gives a great pop of colour to your otherwise boring ‘do.
4) No more lazy ponytails! This year, practice a few new last minute go-to’s for those sleep-in days. The top knot and half top knot can be pretty polished when you back comb the ends and make sure to secure with your new coloured bobby pins. Instead of the lazy bun, try doing a quick French roll. Backcomb the roots, roll the ends and secure with a few pins. Leave your fringe swept to the side for a soft look or back comb a bit in the front and sweep back for an instant face lift!
Quick French Roll Hairstyle
Tip: Next time you’re in the drugstore, pick up a good tail comb. These are ideal for back combing and sectioning hair for curling.
Let this year be your ‘Good Hair Year’ !

Blog contributor: Elissa Wolfe, JCI HAD Instructor
Hair Stylists and Colour Technicians are sought out in some of the most exciting and fast-paced industries in the world including film, fashion, TV and photography. The Hair Art Design Program at JCI is the only accredited hair school in BC approved for a 520-hour curriculum. The program is 20 hours per week and offers the option of morning, afternoon, evening or weekend classes so that students can work at their current jobs while retraining for a new career. Our faculty is comprised of top working professionals and guest instructors whose focus is on the future of hair. This is a modern program providing a strong foundation of cutting and colouring techniques.