Elissa Wolfe JCI Hair Grad
Meet JCI Hair Grad and Instructor, Elissa Wolfe. She’s always working on something new with upcoming photo shoots including one for her Contessas collection. Elissa is currently looking into some creative cutting at Sassoon Academy in Los Angeles, which would make it her second time there and hopefully collaborating with some Instagram stylists at the same time. She describes herself as a hair nerd who lives, eats, and breathes hair! For Elissa, there are no days off when you love what you do. Read on as we spent some time getting to know Elissa a little more!
Can you tell us about what you do for work in the hair industry?
I am a hairstylist at Axis Hair Salon and  have been there for ten years! I am also an instructor at John Casablancas Institute’s Hair Art Design Program. I like to think that I try to explore all areas of the hair industry from being behind the chair, to mentoring and educating, to working backstage at Vancouver Fashion Week and working behind scenes as a session stylist.
Can you describe the time you realized you wanted to be a hairstylist?
Honestly, I’ve always wanted to be a hairstylist ! I was 14 when my mom’s best friend asked me to do her hair for an event and that was it! I knew I wanted to make people look and feel good.
Is there a signature hairstyle that you enjoy doing?
I love bobs. I love giving someone that “OMG, this is the perfect length” bob! But really, I love doing all hair, honestly. Right now, I’m so crazy for all things rainbow! I’ve been really honing in on making creative colours more wearable for the every day guest.
Elissa Wolfe JCI Hair Grad
If you can work on any celebrity (or person) who would it be?
If I could work on anyone’s hair, it would definitely be Linda Evangelista. She’s been one of my idols for as long as I can remember. In high school, I changed my hair colour to whichever one she was rocking at the time. She also inspired a lot of short hair in the 90’s which is why I wore a pixie for years. Linda is the original hair chameleon and I would be so honoured to do her hair!
Do you have any favourite memories from attending/teaching JCI’s Hair Design Program?
Ha! So many memories of JCI. From being a student, to now an educator, it’s been over ten years! My favourite memory was my first day of school. Would you believe I was late??!! I was so convinced that class was at 9:30, I was early and got a coffee. When Foster Eastman (Program Director) glared at me as I strolled in, I actually said to him  “I’m not late, class is at 9:30!”.. Since then, I had never been late again. It was so embarrassing but funny now.
What’s one piece of advice that you have for students or recent hair grads entering the industry?
I think the best advice I can give is this : never stop learning . If you aren’t busy doing hair, then get models and DO hair! Excuses will never make you a busy stylist, but working hard will! Don’t be afraid to spend some money on classes and hair events , you’ll always get something out of it.
What is the best way for clients to book with you?
The best way to book with me is either calling Axis, booking online, through Vargaro or on Instagram (@ElissaWolfe). I can’t stress enough the importance of colour consultations either in person or through email or Instagram. It’ll help me book the right amount of time and give you a better quote.

Hair Stylists and Colour Technicians are sought out in some of the most exciting and fast-paced industries in the world including film, fashion, TV and photography. The Hair Art Design Program at JCI is the only accredited hair school in BC approved for a 520-hour curriculum. The program is 20 hours per week and offers the option of morning, afternoon, evening or weekend classes so that students can work at their current jobs while retraining for a new career. Our faculty is comprised of top working professionals and guest instructors whose focus is on the future of hair. This is a modern program providing a strong foundation of cutting and colouring techniques.