JCI hair gradDescribe the moment when you realized you wanted to be a hairstylist.
I have always wanted to be an artist of some form or another ever since I was little. I didn’t always know it was going to be hair, even though it’s pretty clear looking back. I don’t think I’ve ever had one defining moment. I learned to braid very early on my Barbies and My Little Pony. My mom would sew and I would use fabric glue to make their outfits, do their hair, and do fashion shows with them. As I got older, I was always the friend that did everyone’s makeup and hair at sleepovers, or made everyone’s last minute Halloween costumes. I think all those things lead me to my love of hair.

Do you have any favourite moments from attending JCI?
Avant Garde day. I finally got to put all my passions together (sewing, makeup, baking, and hair) I made one of my best friends into a walking Diva cupcake. Any day you get to cover someone in sprinkles is a good day in my books.

What hair trend are you currently enjoying?
Is there just one? I love the fact that I have such a wide range of clients I get to try them all, it’s so hard to pick. I also love that women are becoming so free with their hair and that there are so many beautiful trends right now. It’s makes being a hair artist exciting.

Which brand or product line do like to use?
Since being at JCI, I have actually used quite a few. And of course (I’m biased),  the line my partner and I carry in our salon is J Beverly Hills. I absolutely LOVE their products. I’ll never go back to anything else every again.

Which celebrity would you want to work on and why?
Katy Perry. She would be my Patronus. ..or spirit animal… I just… love her. She’s basically everything I dreamed my real life Barbie would look when I was a kid. This is sounding creepy…

Can you tell us about Plushington Beauty Bar and what inspired you to start your own business?
Plushington Beauty Bar is the perfect representation of my partner Hilary Howard and I combined as stylists. We want to make our guest forget about the daily grind and feel comfortable and relaxed in an intimate setting and all around feel like royalty. We both have a serious love and passion for all things quaint, beautiful, elegant and vintage. We wanted to make the ultimate girly-girl hang out. I have always been someone who has worked for myself on the side. It was always a goal to open up my own business of some kind. There is something so rewarding about working your butt off and it being for yourself. As soon as Hilary and I met we clicked. We started doing wedding hair and makeup together and right away talked about opening a salon. It seemed like everything was telling us we need to do this, and just like that it fell into place and we haven’t looked back.

Can you suggest one piece of advice for someone who wants to start their own business?
If it’s something you’re passionate about, and you work as hard as you think about wanting it- don’t ever quit. Don’t give up. And don’t slack off once you get there. None of it is easy, and I work more than I ever have, but I love going to work everyday.

What advice do you have for new hair graduates entering the industry?
Never ever stop learning from other people. Ask a million questions if you can. Absorb as much as you can. Never stop trying new things. My favourite quote is, “the only person you should try to be better than is the person you were yesterday”. In this industry, you are surrounded by artists- so take full advantage of it!

Finally, can you share a universal hair tip?
Dry Shampoo is every girl’s best friend.

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