makeup trends fall winter 2016
The Seasons are Changing. Here’s some makeup career advice from Jennine Cook, JCI’s Makeup Industry Liaison, as we move into Fall/Winter 2016:
It’s always hard to say goodbye to the warm nights of Summer, and all that comes with it. Summer is filled with plenty of carefree time and while a well deserved break is always welcome, there is something inspiring about bringing in Fall.
Fall 2016 Backpacks
Whether you are going back to school or not, Fall seems to be time that everyone refreshes their wardrobe and style. Along with a fresh new look, often comes the desire to venture on to new things. This year, why not grab a new oh-so-on-trend backpack and set out to do great things? Who knows, this might be the year you work on an Oscar worthy film, or start a new makeup blog. The opportunities are endless.
Fall 2016 Kendall Jenner's style
Whether your goal is to work in film and television, or become Insta-famous, there has never been a better time to break into the industry. Film and television production is at an all time high in Vancouver and the world has never been more hungry for new YouTube and social media content. Where to start? Start by sitting down with a notebook and a cup of coffee and really take a moment to think about your goals. Why did you go to school to learn how to be a makeup artist? At some point, you must have had a vision of what you wanted to be at the end of it all, so start with that. Anything is possible if you put your mind to it. There is so much going on in all parts of the industry right now, that is really just takes you putting your name out there to get the ball rolling. We are seeing a huge “trickle down” effect going on everywhere. Because film is so busy, artists from other areas are getting drawn into those positions and leaving their other jobs in the industry behind.
Opportunities are everywhere if you are willing to do a little self promotion. These days most prospective employers will skip the formal application process in lieu of a quick meet and greet after you have emailed a resume and some photos of your work. Don’t worry if your resume doesn’t show a lot of experience. Right now, all experienced artists are working so most employers expect that they are getting newer artists. If you find yourself with some free time, keep working on making those portfolio images the best they can be, as those ultimately tell a lot about your skill.
Makeup artistry is always evolving. Be reliable, and keep your content fresh and visible and there will always be a place for you in the industry. Hope this makeup career advice leads to an amazing Fall 2016!

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