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Meet Michael Fels , a passionate and hardworking JCI student with a personality like no other!  His creative and skillful abilities has landed him a spot in IMATS Vancouver 2015′s Battle Of The Brushes competition in the Beauty Fantasy category.

What inspired you to get into makeup artistry? When I was little I was inspired by the artistic talents of my big sister and I started painting (and playing with her makeup when she wasn’t around!). After getting lost in academia through school  and later the doldrums of office life I reconnected with painting and one day started painting on my face which brought me back to makeup!

Which celebrity would you like to work with in the future? I don’t have any particular person so much as I love working with and on people who have open hearts and haven’t let their inner child be crushed. One of the most rewarding aspects of this industry to me has been finally finding people who are part of my tribe after looking for so long!

 Do you have a favorite makeup look that you enjoy doing? Right now I’m loving a chocolate and maroon smokey eye for beauty or really bright vivid colors for fantasy!

Name 3 makeup products that you can’t live without. Eyelash glue

Mehron Paradise Palette

Mabelline Great Lash Mascara

Describe an industry trick that you think everyone should know about. Tightlining! Applying colour directly into the upper lashline so there is no gap between liner and lashes, it also helps to make the lashes appear fuller.

What convinced you to choose to attend JCI’s Makeup program? JCI’s track record at IMATS! Everyone has an opinion on schools but consecutive IMATS wins served as an official industry seal of approval to me. Any place that cares that much about over the top character makeups is the place for me.

Describe your favorite moment(s) while attending JCI. Becoming a family unit with my class and seeing how far we’ve come so quickly! Laughing at how much we stressed about our 2-3 hour beauty makeup exams and now we save the beauty until the end of our creative makeups because it’s the easy part we can do in 20 minutes. But seriously we’re all pretty worried about school ending and not spending all of our days together anymore.

What would you like to see happen after you graduate? I want to keep on connecting with people in this industry and learning from them! I’m setting my sights on working part time at a counter to gain experience and also picking up odd gigs on the side to experience it all. And then before you know it the book to commemorate my 20th anniversary in makeup will be getting released. I really just want to experience as much as I can and see where this industry can take me.

Name 3 favorite songs currently on your playlist. Only 3?! Pshhh here are 5 for the price of 3! Currently giving me all the life are:

Carrie Underwood – Something in the Water

Sam Smith – Like I Can

Cash Cash – Overtime

Virginia to Vegas – Don’t Fight the Music

Kelly Clarkson – Let Your Tears Fall


We’re proud to have 8 JCI students and graduates competing in this year’s Battle Of The Brushes. Be sure to cheer them on at IMATS Vancouver on May 30th with the Character Prosthetic category and May 31st with the Beauty Fantasy category.

Keep up with Michael on Instagram: @MichaelFelsMakeup Keep up with JCI on Instagram: @JCInstitute.


JCI has been setting the standard in artistry and innovation for makeup and hair schools in Vancouver since 1978.

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