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Meet Sara Rollins, a vibrant and talented JCI student who will be competing in this year’s IMATS Vancouver 2015′s Battle Of The Brushes competition in the Beauty Fantasy category.
What inspired you to get into makeup artistry?
I grew up with two older sisters, both of which have worked in cosmetics, so I watched and learned from the both of them and always had a passion for it. Also working in the Beauty Boutique at Shoppers has been a big push for me, helping others feel good is very rewarding and also a lot of fun!
 Which celebrity would you like to work with in the future? 
I would like to work with Tim Burton!
Do you have a favorite makeup look that you enjoy doing?
My preferences change all the time, but lately it’s been super glowy skin with bold lips and contoured eyes.
Name 3 makeup products that you can’t live without.

The first product I cannot live without would definitely be my Stila Stay All Day liquid lipstick in ‘Carina’, it’s the perfect summer color! I also love mixing two different colors together to customize a color for myself. Second product would have to be my Anna Sui blush in #100, its lavender and light blue shimmer is my current obsession right now as a highlighter on all the high points of the face! Lastly I cannot go without my brow gel, my current favorite is the Benefit Gimme Brow in light/medium. Lately I’ve been brushing all of my brow hairs up and making them super bushy and unruly looking. Describe an industry trick that you think everyone should know about. Tightlining!! Or putting liner literally in between your lashes. It makes such a big difference, with little work! What convinced you to choose to attend JCI’s Makeup program? I found out about JCI from a previous student, Samantha Ravndahl, who talked about her experience here on her YouTube channel. Once I talked to the Director on the phone and had my interview, I knew it was going to be at the right school for me. Describe your favorite moment(s) while attending JCI. My favorite moment so far would have to be one of my fantasy makeups, which I named “Queen Bee”, because it was so much fun to do and was super happy with how it turned out. What would you like to see happen after you graduate? My mind is still open, but I think I would love to get into tv and film, putting lots of hard work and long hours I think would be quite rewarding. Name 3 favorite songs currently on your playlist. Sia – Chandeleir, Iggy Azalea – Fancy, Lady Gaga – Hairsaraaaaa We’re proud to have 8 JCI students and graduates competing in this year’s Battle Of The Brushes. Be sure to cheer them on at IMATS Vancouver on May 30th with the Character Prosthetic category and May 31st with the Beauty Fantasy category.

Keep up with Sara on Instagram: @Skrollinsmua Keep up with JCI on Instagram: @JCInstitute.


JCI has been setting the standard in artistry and innovation for makeup and hair schools in Vancouver since 1978.

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