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JCI Makeup Talk: Goals for 2016

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 Goal Setting for 2016

What Does 2016 Have in Store for You?

With the new year underway, it’s time to set some goals for what you would like to accomplish in 2016. With so many things to consider, we are here to help. Whether your goal is to apply for the IMATS competition, start your own business, apply to the film union, or simply jump start your freelance career, JCI is behind you all the way.

Use paper, a computer, or your phone to set goals

The best place to start is to write down your goals or type out a list on your phone. This will help you to revisit your goals often to make sure you are on track. Once you have that list, make a plan to do at least three things each week to work towards accomplishing them.

Makeup Brush

Hard work pays off! You may not see results overnight, but if you are putting in the time, it will pay off eventually. Start with small things, update the photos on your website, start a blog, try out a makeup look on yourself that you have always wanted to do, etc. If you put good energy into your work and business, it will pay off.

Blog Contributor: Jennine Cook, Makeup Program Co-Director and Industry Liaison

The Makeup Artistry Diploma Program has gained an industry-wide reputation for excellence, giving students an exceptional network of contacts and resources when they enter into the marketplace. During the 10-month full time program, students study everything from glamour and special occasion makeup to special effects makeup and prosthetics application techniques. With classes limited to 16 students, individualized attention and encouragement foster each student’s personal  and professional growth potential.

John Casablancas is the pioneer of prosthetic lab techniques and face casting in Western Canada. This advanced level of training affords our graduates amazing opportunities and a significant advantage for a career in film, TV or theatre.

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