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JCI Makeup Talk: Prom 2016 is Here!

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JCI Makeup Talk Prom 2016

Prom, Grad, Formal, whatever you like to call it, the season is upon us. While you have all been there, done that, never cease to miss an opportunity to help someone feel their most beautiful for this special event!

For most young ladies, high school graduation is the first opportunity to go all out in formal fashion. It is estimated that the average teen girl spends between $500-1000 on their preparations from their dress, shoes and jewelry to their beauty services that often include hair, makeup, nails and tanning. This creates an amazing opportunity for you to promote your services.

Wondering what’s hot for Prom 2016? Here are a few trends to keep your eye on:

Cara Delevingne Prom 2016 Dark Lip

Makeup Trend: Dark & Dramatic

Prom 2016 Ashley Benson Classic Retro

Makeup Trend: Classic Retro

JCI Makeup Talk Prom 2016 Makeup smokey

Makeup Trend: Smokey Eye


Graduates will often pay anywhere from $60-100 each for their hair and makeup application. If you include lashes and airbrush makeup many will pay on the higher end of the scale. Most young ladies like to travel in packs, so if you book one you will likely end up booking the whole group of their friends as well.

Where to start? Try reaching out to the high schools in your area. Most will have a grad committee or school counsellor that can help you arrange a time to come in to the school to do a short presentation. These can be done during free period, home room or after school. Bring a model done up like they are going to grad and do a few finishing touches (quick airbrush touch up, or apply false lashes and gloss) in front of your audience to show what you can do. Bring a sign-up sheet so that interested students can sign up and then arrange appointments from there.

Don’t forget about the hair! Stay on top of trendy hairstyles for Prom 2016 as you will no doubt be asked to do grads’ hair while you do their makeup:

JCI Makeup Talk: Prom 2016 Kendall Jenner Top Knot

Hair Trend: Top Knot

JCI Makeup Talk: Prom 2016 blonde half up

Hair Trend: Romantic Curls

JCI Makeup Talk Prom 2016 soft hair

Hair Trend: Beachy Waves

JCI Makeup Talk Prom 2016 Redhead updo

Hair Trend: Loose Braid

Social Media is another way to promote all aspects of your business. Essentially you are all self-employed, so never underestimate the value of free advertising.Social media takes time and commitment, but is well worth doing to promote your business. If you think of how long it takes to hand out a box of business cards one card at a time, it could take years to get rid of just 100 cards. Social media sites such as Instagram, SnapChat, Facebook etc. have millions, even billions of viewers each day. All it takes is one person to “like” your images and they can go viral and get thousands of views in an matter of minutes. Take advantage of this! Post often. Post good looking content (photos). Use relevant words that search engines will pick up describing what it is that you do. Think of things you specialize in like airbrush makeup, lash application, brow grooming, etc. Also be sure to include the names of the areas you serve to separate yourself from people advertising the same type of services in California etc. Make it easy for people to find you! Finally, remember in our business photos are everything! People value great photos of makeup more than words, so show what you can do!

Blog Contributor: Jennine Cook, Makeup Program Co-Director and Industry Liaison

The Makeup Artistry Diploma Program has gained an industry-wide reputation for excellence, giving students an exceptional network of contacts and resources when they enter into the marketplace. During the 10-month full time program, students study everything from glamour and special occasion makeup to special effects makeup and prosthetics application techniques. With classes limited to 16 students, individualized attention and encouragement foster each student’s personal  and professional growth potential.

John Casablancas Institute is the pioneer of prosthetic lab techniques and face casting in Western Canada. This advanced level of training affords our graduates amazing opportunities and a significant advantage for a career in film, TV or theatre.

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