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JCI Makeup Talk: Summer in the City


Summer 2015 Palm Tree

Summer is here so bring on the flip-flops, sunsets and patios.

Vancouver is a glorious place to spend the summer. Beautiful beaches, amazing patios and a great summer concert line-up make this city the perfect place for a stay-cation. Here are a few hot items to get you through the warm summer months.

First things first, if you are going to be sporting sandals and flip-flops it’s time to get a pedi on those toes! There are so many amazing colors to choose from this season. Checkout the latest collections from MAC, Dior and Jill Stuart for amazing pastels and bright summer shades.

Summer 2015 Dior Nail Polish in Pastels and Bright Summer Shades

Summer beauty is about keeping things simple. Tinted moisturisers or light foundations are a good choice. Urban Decay’s Naked Skin foundation is a fantastic product for light to medium coverage with minimal weight. Mineral powder foundations such as Bare Minerals are a good option for those with oily skin.

Summer 2015 Naked Foundation

When it comes to hair, this season is all about the summer beach wave. Soft, tousled hair that looks low maintenance and can be worn down, or in a soft braid. To create this look try tying the hair in a soft, not-too-tight braid at night and sleep on it. In the morning just pull out the braid and spray with some texture spray and you are all set for the beach!

Summer 2015 Beach Wave Hairstyle

While we love all the summer fashions and beauty products we can’t forget to squeeze in a little work too! One of the amazing perks of being a Vancouverite is the non-stop parade of festivals throughout the city. From the PNE to outdoor concerts and Canada day celebrations there is no end to the events going on in Vancouver during the summer months. Face painting goes hand in hand with festivals and there always seems to be a long lineup at the face painting station. Why not capitalize and get in on the action! Makeup artists can charge anywhere from $7 for a small flower or butterfly to $20 for a half face painting and even more for airbrushing and bigger art. Research the local events in your area and contact organizers to see about renting booth space to get your business going.

Summer is a time for fun. Longer days mean more time to fit in work and play. Whether you spend your summer working festivals or doing bridal makeup we wish you all a season filled with success!

~Jennine Cook, JCI’s Makeup Program Industry Liaison

JCI has been setting the standard in artistry and innovation for makeup and hair schools in Vancouver since 1978.


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