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JCI’s Vietnamese Fashion Star Mitchell Dubois

Maria Velasquez
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Meet Mitchell Dubois, the current Social Media Coordinator at Vancouver Fashion Week  and fashion student at John Casablancas Institute from Saigon, Vietnam. 

Mitchell’s home is half a world away, but one of the important factors in choosing to study at JCI is because of its location in Gastown. “It is a very cool and artistic neighborhood in Vancouver and the friendly environment at JCI is also an aspect that I liked. It’s a comfortable place to study.” 

It wasn’t an easy journey for Mitchell to leave Saigon. It took two years before his family accepted his decision to study abroad. It’s difficult taking a leap of faith and moving to an entirely new city, but this sartorialist says, “My advice for newcomers is to be like a local. Don’t act like you are a visitor— just think, live and work like a local and don’t let people take advantage of you because you’re not from around here.” 

While studying the world of Fashion at JCI, Mitchell works part-time at GAP as a Visual Specialist  (Visual Merchandiser) and is also a seasonal Social Media Coordinator at Vancouver Fashion Week

“It’s challenging to balance school, work and my personal life. School takes most of my time, so I try to collaborate between my work, my personal life, and my school life whenever I can.”

Mitchell has also had the opportunity to work alongside Mary Ebra, a fashion designer based here in Vancouver, BC. “The fashion circle in Vancouver is relatively small. You just have to really put yourself out there, but just keep in mind that people love the best version of you, so always present yourself professionally.” 

Mitchell has adjusted to the Vancouver lifestyle and is glad that he made the decision to travel from Vietnam to Canada. He will be graduating with a fashion diploma from JCI in July this year and is destined to grow in the fashion industry.

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