Mention that you’re a fashion buyer and most people imagine your life is all about dressing immaculately, schmoozing with designers and getting first pick of the new season’s clothes (for yourself). The reality? Not quite. Fashion buyers have incredibly demanding jobs that involve business strategy, an intimate knowledge of the industry and a superior eye for style. You’ll know you’ve run into one when you pick up on some of the character traits of these fashion unicorns, listed below.

1. You’re always on high alert for new trends and tendencies

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As a fashion buyer, you’re always anticipating what your customers are going to be interested in wearing next. As such, you’re always scoping out others’ street style, paying close attention to the latest runway shows and sniffing out cultural shifts.

2. You’re a pro traveler

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From visiting new vendors to attending fashion shows to going on buying trips, your frequent work trips have turned you into an expert traveler. Whether it’s packing a versatile, compact suitcase or keeping up with work via your smartphone, being on the go doesn’t faze you.

3. You’re better than a calculator at crunching numbers

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How much is the product? How much is your budget? How many units can you sell? How much will you make? Season after season of anticipating potential costs and profits has turned you into a whiz at quick calculations.

4. You’re always being asked for fashion advice

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Your friends know that you have an almost supernatural ability to see into the future of fashion. You’re used to their incessant questions and changing room selfie texts, complete with desperate pleas for advice.

5. You’re always being asked about your clothes

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“Who are you wearing?” “I love your shoes!” “Great skirt!” Your VIP access to brands and trends mean you’re always impeccably dressed. And people notice. By now, you’re used to being showered with questions and compliments about your getups. Hey, it’s a tough job, but somebody has to do it.

6. You can predict trends before they happen

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While fashion buyers can be made, the very best have an innate ability to predict trends and anticipate shoppers’ desires before they know them themselves. You possess an uncanny knack for knowing what the next big thing is going to be and who the next big designer will be.

7. You’re an expert multitasker

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From what trends will be hitting the streets soon to what the clothes will look like on the shop floor to anticipating quantities needed and how they’ll be displayed, fashion buyers have to be able to keep track of lots of moving pieces and remember the big picture in order to be successful.

8. You’re equally analytical and creative

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You’re just as happy anticipating marketing trends and calculating quantities and costs as you are perusing the actual pieces and considering whether they’ll appeal to your customers (and whether they appeal to you!).

9. You’re always on your A-game

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The life of a fashion buyer is always changing. New seasons, new styles, new vendors and new challenges and opportunities are always coming and going, and all this in a hyper-competitive environment. Fashion buyers can’t afford to rest for a second and are usually highly organized and motivated.

Sure it may be demanding, but being a fashion buyer is where you can pair your loves for all things fashion and business, combining the best of both worlds.

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