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You Know You’re a Makeup Artist When…


The life of a makeup artist might seem like a dream—playing around with products all day long, hoarding application tools and experimenting with colours—but the reality isn’t always fun and games. If you can identify with the following, congratulations! You’re a bona fide makeup artist.

1. You read magazines to deconstruct the makeup.

Photo credit: Tumblr

The only interest magazines hold for you anymore are the ads, editorials and cover photos that you spend hours either: a) judging, or b) learning from.

2. You always have some colour on your arm

Photo credit: Tumblr

Forget tattoos. Whether it’s an assortment of colour swatches after a marathon visit to Sephora or leftover makeup from a gig, you’ve almost always got some trace of faded makeup on your arms.

3. You hate doing your own makeup.

Photo credit: Tumblr

As much as you love doing makeup, your downtime is precious to you and the thought of making up your own face makes you want to go back to bed.

4. You’re ALWAYS excited to go to Sephora.

Photo credit: Giphy

You can easily spend three hours at Sephora and your friends need to strategically keep you away from its doors when you go to the mall together. It’s not unusual for you to walk out with a $300 purchase and not bat an eyelash.

5. Your friends are always asking you to do their makeup.

Photo credit: Makeup Lovers Unite

You’re used to doing your makeup three hours in advance anytime you’re going out with girlfriends because you already know they’re all going to be asking you to do theirs before a night on the town.

6. You obsessively sanitize your brushes.

Photo credit: Oh No They Didn’t

Brush cleaner is an essential part of your kit. You know from experience the havoc dirty brushes can wreak and you just aren’t a fan of spreading bacteria.

7. You need new clothes but buy makeup instead.

Photo credit: Giphy

Yeah, a fall wardrobe would be nice (you can’t remember the last time you bought clothes in any colour other than black) but you need that matte olive-toned foundation with yellow undertones to fill that gap in your kit. Priorities, people!

8. You sometimes have to restrain yourself from fixing other people’s makeup.

Photo credit: Giphy

No matter where you are, no matter what you’re doing, you notice people’s brows, facial hair and makeup … and all the ways they could be improved. You have to physically repress the urge to reach out and fix people’s faces for them.

9. You know the individual strengths and weaknesses of the 100+ products in your kit better than you know your significant other.

Photo credit: Tumblr

Yes, you have 12 different concealers that look the same but the truth is that they all do different things. Your brain is a mini supercomputer with information on the staying power, crease resistance, lightness, heaviness and pigmentation of every product you own.

10. You bestow confidence and inspire others with your creativity.

Photo credit: Tumblr

Hands down the best part of your job. Your work helps others walk with their heads held higher and with a fierce confidence that wasn’t there when they first sat down in your chair.

Top photo credit: Harper’s Bazaar Singapore

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