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There are distinctions between the people we know. They can be separated into different groups such as your family, friends, coworkers, classmates, or acquaintances. Today social networking makes it easy for us to have those people on various websites; for example, Facebook for friends and families, CafeMom for mothers, and LinkedIn for professional networks. Haven’t heard of LinkedIn? Here is what you need to know.

LinkedIn was launched in May 2003 by five founders: Reid Hoffman, Allen Blue, Konstantin Guericke, Eric Ly and Jean-Luc Vaillant in their living room. LinkedIn is the largest professional network in the world with 200 million members in over 200 countries. Thirty six percent are from North America (seven million members are from Canada). Since September 30, 2012 the rate of new members is two per second. LinkedIn is available in 19 languages: English, Czech, Danish, Dutch, French, and German, to name a few.

I have been on this website for a few years but I noticed the importance last year. I can connect to my friends and only see the professional side of them. As well I can link to people I know through work that I would rather not know about my personal life. You can read the latest work news feed on the home page and also participate on companies’ forums. Finally, if you are looking for a job, this is a great way to receive job postings that are referred by your friends or by the search engine

LinkedIn is worth checking out for any graduating student.

Sadaf Mehrtash, JCI Fashion Student

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