This afternoon John Casablancas Institute Core Fashion Design graduate Lyndsey Jackson was invited to CBC Radio Vancouver to show a sneak peek of her Spring/Summer 2019 collection which she will be revealing at Vancouver Fashion Week on Wednesday September 19th.
Lyndsey was joined by Jamal Abdourahman, founder of VFW, and local menswear designer Jason Siu. Jamal had the pleasure of introducing the designers and a sneak peek at their collection. VFW returns for the 18th year on September 17th to September 23rd.
This will be Lyndsey’s second year showing at VFW. Her brand Phased by LJ is a women’s contemporary brand that focuses on simple designs which incorporate asymmetry in the cut, colors and fabrics. All pieces from her collection are locally crafted and designed.

“My inspiration comes from Japanese and Korean designers. I love durable fabrics and incorporating both knit and woven materials, sometimes even on the same garment.” 

Lyndsey’s SS19 collection, “Feels Like TWENTYSOMETHNG” pulls inspiration from the past decades of her life and her experiences she has encountered in the previous 10-years, including music, travel and more.
Her previous collection consisted of dark monochromatic pieces, and this season she has switched it up to a more lighter theme, including white and grey prints and summer inspired garments.

“I was experimenting with a lot of textures more so than colors, and a digitally printed fabric for this collection. I re-purposed material from clothes I wore throughout my twenties.” 

Here is a sneak peek at the two looks Lyndsey revealed on CBC Vancouver today:
For the first look, model Tatum Robinson wore a cropped s/s version of the classic model pant from her previous collection. Lyndsey always creates matching set pieces: both pants and tops. The head-wrap that the model styled in her hair is made from leftover trims of fabric from each look.

The second look is a geometrically textural fabric made from poly rayon spandex. The grey shaper mesh top is durable and fabulous for layering.
Makeup and hair for both stunning looks were created by JCI Makeup Artistry graduate Miguel Peralta.

“My team has put together some great visuals for the led screen with French-inspired music. I’m excited to show the digitally printed fabrics or this collection at Vancouver Fashion Week.”

Don’t miss out on Lyndsey Jackson’s SS19 show at VFW on Wednesday September 19th at 5:30 PM. 
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