Classes are 20 hrs per week.

The program is considered full-time for student loan purposes but allows students to continue to work while they receive their training.

A variety of schedules are available: 3 days per week from 9:00 – 4:30 pm

Or Evening/Weekend: Tuesday / Wednesday / Thursday 5:00 – 9:30 pm and Sunday 9:00 am – 5:30 pm

Please contact the school for specific start date information.

Max Students: 16 per class

Total Course length: 45 weeks (including breaks/holidays)






Introduction to the industry

  • Role of the makeup artist and job opportunities
  • Professional Makeup Kit makeup products, tools and equipment
  • Makeup Brushes discussion of hair and fiber types, the individual use of each brush, cleaning and maintenanace
  • Sanitation and Hygiene procedures

The Biology of the skin and facial shapes

  • How to identify different skin types dry, normal, oily
  • How to select the appropriate skincare products for a particular skin type
  • Basic concepts of highlighting, shading and contouring
  • Deep analysis of face, eye, nose and lip shapes

photography, high fashion & period makeup

Makeup for photography

  • Photo-shoot etiquettes
  • Building the professional makeup kit for fashion and print-work
  • Makeup artist’s portfolio
  • Makeup styles and strengths for various photography work
  • Current fashion trends
  • In-studio and outdoor lighting
  • Black & White and Colour film stocks
  • Application of false eyelashes
  • Bridal makeup techniques
  • Client make-overs

Fashion & Runway Makeup

  • Makeup for various fashion show formats
  • Current industry trends
  • Avant-garde makeup designs and applications

Decades Makeup & Transformations

  • In-depth study of makeup for each decade
  • Celebrity look-a-like
  • Male to female drag makeup
  • Music Video Creative
  • Showgirl

Computer Lab 1 – Photoshop

  • Photo Correction
  • Image Enhancing
  • Color Adjustment
  • Digital Design
Makeup Unlimited 3

Makeup principles for film, TV and theatre and airbrushing

Introduction to the film industry

  • Role of Makeup Artist working for Theatre, TV and Film— responsibilities, duties, differences
  • Makeup Department in FilmKey Makeup Artist, 1st and 2nd Assistants
  • Professional Makeup Kit— specialty tools, equiptment and makeup products for the film industry
  • Working on location— creating a set bag; IASTE Local 891— application and requirements
  • Introduction to different job discriptions on film production

Script Breakdown— Character Analysis 

  • Script study
  • Importance of continuity
  • Creating the look for a character
  • Budgeting for film

Film, TV & Video— Basic Makeup

  • Lighting for Theatre, Film and TV
  • TV and Film makeup for women, men and children
  • Body makeup; tattoo coverage

Stage & Fantasy Makeup

  • Highlight and shadow
  • Fantasy makeup and body painting for stage


  • How to operate an airbrush
  • Airbrush makeup application on face, body and hair
  • Airbrush tanning and “Red Carpet”
  • Full body fantasy makeup application

Computer Lab 2 – Digital Marketing 

  • Branding Your Company
  • Branding Core Values
  • Logo Design
  • Utilizing Social Media: Youtube, Instagram, Snapchat
Makeup unlimited 4

Special makeup effects

Aging with latex and paint

  • Special effects makeup
  • Age reversal techniques

Injury Simulation 

  • Out of kits effects
  • Injury simulation (bruises, blood effects, scars, scrapes, amputations, slit throats, bullets wounds, broken bones and noses, burns, etc.)

Hair Work— Beards, Moustaches, Sideburns 

  • Custom blending
  • Body hair


  • Application, painting techniques, texturing
Makeup unlimited 5

Prosthetics/laboratory techniques & advanced airbrushing

  • Introduction to Special Effects Lab
  • Different types of moulds
  • Creating a generic prosthetic piece
  • Latex and gelatin appliance application
  • Special makeup effects and prosthetic painting with airbrush
  • Lifecasting
  • Sculpting
  • Making gelatin prosthetic
  • Prosaide transfers
  • Foam Latex application
  • Silicone prosthetic application
  • Aging prosthetic application
  • Appliance application

Computer Lab 3 – Website Development 

  • Registering domain name
  • Webpage layout
  • Content development

Seminar 3 – Employment Clinic

  • Career planning
  • Possibility of starting own business/freelance work
  • Business plan development
  • Self-marketing strategies
  • Negotiating the contract
  • Invoicing
  • Cover letter and resume preparation
  • Business card design
  • Union information, working in the BC Film Industry

“Attending JCI’s Makeup Artistry Program was an extremely valuable time in my life. The teachers are experienced and knowledgeable about all areas of the industry, and this was reflected in our classes. The staff were helpful and they continue to assist me with many employment opportunities to develop my career as a makeup artist.” — Sandra Woosnam 

Makeup Artistry Diploma Program

JCI’s award-winning Makeup Artistry Diploma Program has a reputation for supplying the most sought-after graduates who become movers and shakers in the industry. During the ten-month, full-time program, you’ll gain a comprehensive understanding of makeup artistry-form everyday beauty to nightmare-inducing special effects. Our instructors are graduates themselves, which means they can relate to you every step of the way. They’re also successful artists in a variety of fields, so your course material will always be cutting-edge and relevant. We’ve kept our class sizes small (16 students max.) to ensure you receive the individual attention you need. This also fosters a sense of community between you and your fellow artists.

As the pioneer of prosthetic lab techniques and face-casting in Western Canada, JCI is often the first stop for recruiters. Our dedicated Industry Liaison, Jennine, will work with you to think beyond the classroom— where will you go from here? Jennine has a network of connections at her disposal, which means job postings are communicated directly to you. Whether you want to pursue makeup artistry in fashion, film, or special effects, an education at JCI will give you a serious advantage when starting your career.

Makeup Industry: Career Prospects

The Makeup Artistry Diploma Program has gained an industry-wide reputation for excellence, giving students an exceptional network of contacts and resources when they enter the marketplace. During the 10-month full-time program, you’ll gain a comprehensive understanding of makeup artistry- from everyday beauty to nightmare-inducing special effects.

As the pioneer of prosthetic lab techniques and face-casting in Western Canada, JCI is often the first stop for recruiters. Our dedicated Industry Liaison, Jennine, will work with you to think beyond the classroom- where will you go from here? Jennine has a network of connections at her disposal, which means job postings are communicated directly to you. Whether you want to pursue makeup artistry in fashion, film, or special effects, an education at JCI will give you a serious advantage when starting your career.

“My time at JCI was valuable. All the instructors pushed me to be more creative and helped me grow my work. I feel well-prepared to work in the industry.” — Shetal Nand



Makeup Artist (MUA)

As a Makeup Artist, you can pursue work in a number of industries including film, television, theatre, fashion, and cosmetics. In these fields, you’ll be in charge of transforming actors or models using cosmetics and/or prosthetics. If you prefer to fly solo, freelancing independently might be your thing. If you thrive off working with others, you can always work as part of a team.

Social Media Artist / Influencer

The Internet is the go-to place for answers, and makeup tutorials are no exception. As a Social Media Makeup Artist, you can build a career by posting your work on various social platforms, like Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter and YouTube. As your following grows, advertisers may approach you to use their products and advertise their brands to your audience. Successful Social Media Makeup Artists can also be offered contracts to make appearances at industry events.

Out-of-Kit Effects Artist

As an Out-of-Kit Effects Artist, you’re responsible for the application, colouration, maintenance and removal of all out-of-kit effects. In other words, you’ll be the expert on injury simulation, which means cuts, wounds, blisters, scratches, bullet holes, scars, tattoos, bald caps, bites, birthmarks, bruises, blood, and disfigurements are all part of your repertoire.

Prosthetic Artist

Love creating creatures straight our of fantasy or horror movies? As a Prosthetic Artist, you’re in charge of everything from designing the prosthetic, to sculpting it, moulding it, casting it, and removing it. Ultimately, your job is to create advanced cosmetic effects that result in seriously out-of-this-world transformations.

Film & Television Artist

As a Film and Television Makeup Artist, you’ll work behind-the-scenes on sets of feature films, indie films, MOW (Movie of the Week), music videos, commercials, television series, and news broadcasts. You’re responsible for the design, application, continuity and removal of all makeup- which sometimes includes out-of-kit effects as well.

Body Painter

Body Painters use the entire body as their canvas, transforming it using temporary paint or cosmetics. As a Body Painter, you’ll often use a combination of airbrush and conventional makeup techniques to create seamless works of art on your model.

Bridal Makeup Artist

Want to play a meaningful part in a bride’s big day? As a Bridal Makeup Artist, you specialize in beauty makeup, and often hair, for special events like weddings and graduations. You’ll start with a consult to create the desired looks, then schedule the appointments for the event and perform the application. It’s a mobile job that lends itself to new places and faces.

Makeup Artist Instructor

A Makeup Artist Instructor demonstrates the art of makeup including techniques in beauty, skincare, bridal, fantasy, special effects and lab techniques. An Instructor shares their passion of makeup artistry and teaches valuable tricks of the trade to up-and-coming makeup artists for all facets of the industry.

Demo Artist

If you’re passionate about specific cosmetic brands, you can represent them by working on-call as a demo artist. It’s a chance for you to perform makeovers on clients using that brand’s products, often in a department store or retail setting.


Fashion Week makeup determines which looks will reign supreme this season. As a Makeup Artist in Fashion, you’ll design and apply makeup for runway shows, including Fashion Week shows across the globe. Typically, you’ll represent a major cosmetic brand that is sponsoring the event.

Editorial or Photography Artist

Love the idea of creating looks that will live forever? Asan editorial or photography artist, you’ll specialize in applying makeup for magazine shoots, newspapers, billboards, and commercial or fashion advertisements.



Makeup School



“I really feel that ifI had not taken the Makeup program at JCI, I would still be just a lab technician. It has really given me the confidence to go out there and go for what I want. A lot of doors have opened for me and I will always be appreciative to everyone at JCI— especially all my instructors, for their support and encouragement. I am very proud to say that I have gone to John Casablancas.”

— Ranjit Heer 

“Being at this school has given me so much direction on my career path to becoming a Makeup Artist. The Industry Liaison has been (and will continue to be) an incredible resource for job opportunities throughout my time at JCI. I can’t say enough nice things about my instructors. They were always about more than just teaching us how to apply makeup, they wanted to give us an education to prepare us for each turn this industry can throw at you and taught us the skills to be as successful as you want to be.”

— Mikaela McDonough

“I love JCI. I’m so satisfied with the program and I feel as if I’ve learned so much. My knowledge and skills have grown tremendously and I cannot thank my instructors enough for their help. I definitely will not forget my memorable experience!”

— Ella Ponce 

“My time at JCI has been wonderful and will forever be remembered. The staff are outstanding. I would recommend this school to anyone in a heartbeat. JCI is a sanctuary built to fulfill dreams and help its students strive and succeed in life. I miss this place already. JCI has a permanent place in my mind and heart. I am proud to be a JCI grad.” — Ashley Guimaraes 

“Although I felt like my time at John Casablancas was short, I was confident in all that I learned in their Makeup Artistry program and was able to go out and start working in the industry before I had even graduated. The JCI job board is always filled with jobs to build credits and amazing job opportunities. The advice and experience of the professional teachers was and still is truly invaluable to me. I would highly recommend this school to anyone looking to do special makeup effects because of the great detail and time that is dedicated to that area of the course. Before I began my schooling, I did my fair share of research and I am proud to say that I chose this school and I am a John Casablancas graduate.”

— Kathie Singh 

“This school is very professional and the teachers, as well as the course content, are very cutting edge. My instructors were friendly and knowledgeable and made us all feel comfortable. I am extremely pleased with the entire course. I learned to do things I never thought possible and I would recommend this school to everyone.”

— Lisa Keeping

“It was a good time. I met some life-long friends and gained knowledge and experiences that I wouldn’t have been able to without the amazing teachers and staff. There may be other makeup schools, but I feel JCI is the best option no matter who you are.”

— Robyn Dowbiggin 




JCI grads continue to take the makeup industry by storm. Our grads are working in every facet of the makeup industry from cosmetic giants like Bobbi Brown, MAC, & Makeup Forever to the film studios, TV shows and the Fashion scene. JCI grads are widely regarded as the leaders in both professionalism and skill!

Confirmed graduate placements: 2015 – 87% 2014 – 93% 2013 – 96% 2012 – 87%

SAMANTHA RAVNDAHL – @ssssamanthaa

Since completing her MUA Diploma, Samantha has kept herself busy working with numerous internationally-known makeup companies including MAC, Smashbox, YSL, Tarte, Anastasia Beverly Hills, and Urban Decay Cosmetics as a Social Media Superstar. Even more impressive is the way she utilizes social media to promote her artistry. Warning her way into international stardom through her fantastic makeup tutorials, Samantha’s skill and talents have been noticed by millions of viewers and followers! Sam’s biggest tip is to “Network, network, network! You never know who you will meet or who will take an interest in your work. You will feel discouraged at times, but keep creating— it’s important to stay passionate about the work you do. Most importantly, remain humble! You always have more to learn. Whether you have been in the industry for ten days, ten months, or ten years, there is someone out there with something to teach you that will make you a more well-rounded artist.” We cannot wait to see what the future holds for this rising star.

Leigh Dickson – @leighdickson

Leigh graduated from the JCI Makeup Artistry Diploma program just 3 years ago, but she didn’t waste any time working her way up in the biz. Leigh has worked for Kiss and Makeup, All Dolled Up, and most recently you can find her pretty much anywhere that the makeup elite hang out. Gaining serious ground through social media, Leigh’s YouTube channel is one not to miss with it’s jam-packed list of amazing tutorials. More than just a pretty face, Leigh is the total package gaining more than a quarter million followers on Instagram and building her business as a reputable makeup authority. She now represents cosmetics companies including L’Oreal, Kat Von D Beauty, Black Moon Cosmetics, and Anastasia Beverly Hills

Elizabeth Mcleod – @elizabethmmakeup

Liz is the perfect example of what you get when you really put your mind to something. Not only does Liz possess an amazing talent, but she also has the “it factor” that makes a person successful in this business. Not long after completing the Makeup Artistry program at JCI, Liz began seizing opportunities both in Vancouver and outside of the province. She has done makeup for a number of fashion projects including Vancouver Fashion Week, as well as fashion shows for Blushing Boutique and Planet Claire. Although fashion is her true passion, Liz has not limited herself, and has worked on numerous photo shoots and student films. She has also worked with local model agencies including Agency Emme and Numa Model Management. At the 2009 IMATS Battle of the Brushes competition in Toronto, Liz competed against an international group of Makeup Artists and finished in First Place. That same year, Liz finished in the Top 15 in the world at the Shu Uemura International Makeup Competition.

RACHEL JONES – @rachelljonesartist 

Rachel is the epitome of an artist. While studying her Makeup Artistry Diploma at JCI, she simultaneously earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree from Emily Carr University. Rachel, a previous JCI Instructor currently living and working in London, England, thinks outside of the box and her makeup applications are truly works of art. Her talent was rewarded on many occasions including First Place in the Make Up Forever 20th Anniversary Competition and the Vancouver Fashion Week Competition. Rachel was also the Canadian runner-up for the Lancôme Color Design Awards. Rachel has worked on over a dozen films and has been a regular contributor of features in Easy Living, Eve, British Glamour, Essentials, Bon Marche magazines, Ikea catalogues, and Vanity Fair. As a member of Bobbi Brown, Nars, and MAC cosmetic teams, she also dipped her hand in the retail side of the industry. Rachel has extensive experience in makeup for music videos, fashion shows (Marc Jacobs), television, models’ portfolios, actors’ head shots, theatre, and body painting.

BREE LEHTO – @breetoelay

Bree graduated with the Overall Achievement Award in her class and was honoured to win 1st place in the International Makeup Artist Trade Show (IMATS) Battle of the Brushes competition two years in a row, taking home the top spot in the Character/Prosthetic category as well as the Beauty/Fantasy category. Bree has worked on feature films, television shows, shorts, commercials, and videos. Her passion for makeup has driven her to experience many facets of the industry from Film, TV, and custom sculpting prosthetics to weddings and photoshoots and working at MAC Cosmetics.

KATE BLYTHE – @kate_blythe_mua_artist

Kate travelled all the way from England to attend JCI’s Makeup Artistry program, and she’s kept busy ever since. After graduating, she got her start in the film industry and has become a member of the prestigious IATSE 891 makeup department. Kate’s work includes a number of television series, including The Flash, Wayward Pines and Amazon Prime’s the Man in the High Castle. Kate specializes in weddings and manages an action-packed schedule all year round. No stranger to accolades, Kate was nominated for a prestigious Leo Award for her work on Sindoor, and was also a finalist in the 2010 IMATS Battle of the Brushes competition.