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Makeup Artistry Students Get Creative at JCI

Maria Velasquez
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The past few weeks have been full of exciting makeup looks at John Casablancas Institute. From old age makeup to fantasy mermaid looks, the JCI makeup students are creative and talented. If you’ve been keeping up with our Instagram page, then you’ve probably seen a couple of these awesome looks.

Talk about our students ageing… just kidding! Our students learned the tricks on how to perfect and old age makeup look and they nailed this look. Looks done by Danielle Rudnisky, makeup artist and photographer, Nicole Campbell and Abby Fraser.


Imagine if Ariel looked like this? The Little Mermaid would definitley be called “The Rad Mermaid.” Makeup student Emily Crawford did a mermaid airbush look for fantasy makeup day. Check out her makeup page on Instagram.

Students always go the extra mile to be creative during their fantasy day makeup looks. From slaying dragon makeup to nature makeup, there’s no stopping our makeup students from trying different designs.

Follow these students on Instagram for more makeup looks:

Nicky Campbell

Justine Peterson 

Latisha Lindsey

Abby Fraser

Danielle Rudnisky 

Bejeweled makeup looks amazing and is an amazing look to go with when at summer music festivals. JCI makeup student Lauren O’Donnell practiced and perfected this look on JCI makeup student Sarah House.


There’s never a dull moment at JCI. Sometimes our Fun Fridays turn into Freaky Fridays in makeup classes. It may not be Halloween yet but that doesn’t stop the intense makeup effects our students create. Frostbites, scars, zombie bites and electrical burns were just some of the horrific looks our students pulled off.

Makeup created by: Soul Catcher Artistry, Brooke Johnson and Victoria Rasmussen.

Interested in learning the tricks on creating special effect makeup, or just the basics? Learn more about the JCI Makeup Program and follow us on Instagram to view more interesting and spooky makeup looks!


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