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JCI Makeup Talk: Film, TV, Movies – Hollywood North is Back on Top


Makeup for film tv and movies

Hollywood North is Back on Top

If doing makeup for film and television is what you’ve always dreamed of, then here’s to dreams coming true!

While the Vancouver  film industry is not immune to the ups and downs that other industries experience, it’s time to settle in for an extended high. Hollywood North is back in action and there is no end to the production boom in sight. The 2013-14 years saw foreign productions shot in Canada bring in over $1.8 Billion.

Ryan Reynolds Deadpool Movie

Dozens of shows are slated to shoot throughout the summer months alone, creating thousands of jobs for production staff- makeup artists included! Hollywood features such as the “Fifty Shades of Grey” trilogy, “Star Trek 3” and “Deadpool” (an X-Men installment starring Ryan Reynolds) are just a few of the big name shows that have shot or are filming locally now. This doesn’t even begin to touch on the more than 20 productions listed on the BC film production list for April and May.

Star Trek 3 cast

While you may be in the early stages of earning your credits to get into the union, don’t be discouraged to think you aren’t ready to get on set. With all of the blockbusters and prime-time television series taking up the more experienced crews in Vancouver, huge opportunities exist for newer makeup artists to break onto the scene. Vancouver has a strong independent film production scene with work in film, music videos, commercials, movies of the week (MOW), and TV series aired on Canadian networks. Most independent content productions are non-union shoots which provide great opportunities for entry-level makeup artists.

Don’t be too quick to discount shows aired on smaller networks such as the W Network, HGTV, and Slice. Everyone has to start somewhere and these networks all have shows that are shot locally and need makeup artists for both the hosts and on-camera guests. These are paid jobs that count toward union credits. is a resourceful site that keeps you in the know on what is shooting around town.

There has never been a better time to pursue a career in film and television in Vancouver. The boom is only starting, and with no end in sight there is unlimited potential in how far you can go. Time to clean up your brushes and settle in for a very busy year ahead. Good luck to you all!

~Jennine Cook, JCI’s Makeup Program Industry Liaison


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