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Makeup Talk: Spring is in the Air – Weddings and Bridal Makeup – Part 2 (of 2)


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In part two of this two-part post, Jennine Cook, JCI’s Makeup Industry Liaison, gives advice on how to prepare for and manage bridal bookings.

Bridal bookings are a little more complex. There are many factors to consider on both yours and the brides’ behalf to make sure things go smooth on the big day. Far beyond the makeup is the scheduling and budgeting for the event. A good rule of thumb to follow is to not overbook yourself! My personal limit for a booking is 4 people, and this includes hair and makeup. If I take on a booking for more than 4 people, I always book an assistant to keep things on track. I budget time at 45 minutes per service- 45 minutes for hair and another 45 minutes for makeup. I am usually able to keep things between 30 and 40 minutes per service and this allows me to properly clean my tools and reset my station before my next client.

The consultation is an important appointment. This is where you will cover topics such as timing for the day, who will be paying for your services and, of course, the desired hair and makeup styles. When it comes to payment, if the bridal party is responsible for their own makeup/hair costs, be sure to get their email addresses and send a reminder email two days before of how much their service will be. It is appropriate to ask for cash only in this situation. If the bride will be taking care of all of your fees, a cheque or cash would be acceptable forms of payment. When booking your day, the bridal party will always want you to arrive later than you really need to, so be sure to set a firm schedule with appointment times for each member of the wedding party. Always plan to be wrapped up at least an hour before the ceremony is start and count backwards in 1.5 hour increments to book each appointment. For example, if the ceremony was to start at 3pm, you would plan to be done all services by 2pm to leave everyone time to get dressed and to the venue. Depending on how many people you had to work on, you would likely arrive at 8am for set up.

When it comes to payment for bridal parties, there is a range depending on where you are working. The going rate in the city can be anywhere from $200-400 per service (if you charge separately for hair and makeup) per person. Destination weddings such as Whistler will be the same. In the suburbs, prices drop substantially. Most brides in the Fraser Valley will only pay up to $125-150 per service. You can offer a package deal of $200 for both hair and makeup- this is the current going rate. You can use your own discretion for groups and smaller parties.

Again, you need to advertise your services using social media and it is a good idea to have a website with a section dedicated to your bridal portfolio. is also a great online service that advertises your services for a small fee.

Here’s wishing you all a prosperous Spring!

~Jennine Cook, JCI’s Makeup Program Industry Liaison


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