We spend time talking to JCI Fashion School Instructor: Morgan Mallett
Can you tell us about what you teach and how you first got involved with JCI’s Fashion school?
I teach Fashion Illustration, Photoshop and Digital Marketing at JCI. I first worked at the school as a guest speaker.
Aside from instructing in a Fashion School, what else you do for work?
I work as a freelance graphic designer and am the Creative Director at Design + Conquer, my own design line.
Working in various facets, is there one line of work that you prefer over the other?
Funnily enough, there isn’t one I like the most. They each feed each other. I love designing solo in the studio, but to a point—that’s where teaching comes in. Interacting with students and learning from them gives me energy. It’s a great compliment to the more introverted and independent aspects of my design practice. Trail running, building, and mountain biking, are also activities that enrich my design practice.
Is there one particular accomplishment that you’re proud of?
Learning to respect and maintain balance in my life.
As an interdisciplinary design innovator, we must ask…where do you find inspiration?
All around me. It’s a constant process of collecting imagery, music, and information. I often research historical events and things that are seemingly unrelated to fashion and design. Ideas often bubble up organically as delve deeper into something I’m curious about. And yes, I have a very messy studio and cluttered computer because of this! :)
As the owner and creative director of Design + Conquer, what advice do you have for someone who wants to start their own jewelry line?
Email designers and entrepreneurs. Call them. Talk to them in person. Someone will answer you eventually and you’ll find that most folks enjoy sharing their experience with others. Talk to designers who work in-house for a company and those who freelance. Ask current business owners and designers what their challenges and their successes have been, and then take your own path.

Are there any projects that we can expect from you in the next while?
Yes! I just launched my new collection _capsule_, which includes bespoke garments and millinery pieces.
Can you share a piece of advice for newly graduated Fashion School students hoping to find success in the industry?
Work hard to discover what you actually like to do, versus what you ‘should do’ with your career. This is always changing. Maybe what you’re interested in doesn’t quite exist yet…it’s your job to discover this for yourself. Remain curious.

Design + Conquer
Instagram: @DesignAndConquer
Twitter: @Design_Conquer
Website: www.designandconquerjewellery.com
JCI’s Fashion Business & Creative Arts Diploma Program provides students with a comprehensive overview of the fashion industry, combining creative and business elements. This diverse approach gives our grads a distinct advantage both in knowledge and skill. If you’re interested in joining a Vancouver Fashion School, JCI would love to hear from you.