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Men in Rompers: A Thing or Fling?

Maria Velasquez
Blog / Fashion

Believe it or not, the romper may be summer 2017’s hottest trend for men. Let’s face it ladies, we tried to warn them about how onesies can be uncomfortable, and even explained just how annoying they are during trips to the bathroom. Despite our cautionary tales, men in rompers have been a hot topic all across social media this week.

ACED Design is the company behind the creation of male rompers, which they have branded the “RompHim.” The start-up company describes this must-have summer item for men to be “more stylish and fun without sacrificing comfort, fit and versatility.”

ACED quickly surpassed their KickStarter goal of $10,000, and has now raised more than $300,000 from over 2,500 backers.

Cam Newton, an American Football quarterback for the Carolina Panthers, was also seen rocking a floral romper at the Coachella Valley Music Festival last month. This outfit certainly made a big impression, and soon went viral on Twitter.

You may be wondering where the inspiration to design male rompers came from. Flare Magazine suggests that legendary rap artist Tupac Shakur and hip-hop artist Chance the Rapper are icons who may have began this trend without even knowing it.

Tupac rocked a denim jumpsuit back in the ‘90s and Chance the Rapper has been seen wearing a pair of red overalls on Saturday Night Live. These looks may have been the stepping stones to what we now call “RompHims.”

Staff members at John Casablancas Institute have their own opinions on male rompers:

“If you’re a man with a pot belly, don’t wear a romper.”  – Jenifer Sterling, JCI Body Spa Instructor 

“Male rompers are a crime to fashion. The only male who got away with wearing a romper was James Bond in 1964’s Goldfinger (and that was questionable). But 007 gets away with everything.” – Colin Boguski, JCI Managing Director  

“While I don’t know that I would be totally on board with a man in a romper, I can certainly appreciate the effort to be adventurous with fashion. Menswear can be so stagnant!” – Samantha Young, JCI Associate Director of Admissions

“Not all men can pull off wearing a romper. You’ve got to be darn special to pull this look off, perhaps a toddler.”  Jamie Esmeria-Bantog, JCI  Coordinator 

“All I can say is male cameltoe, yikes!” – Trish Cox, JCI Associate Director of Admissions

“The only thing worse than a male romper is a male romper with a man bun. Out.” Celia Bica, JCI Associate Director of Admissions

JCI staff and the rest of the world has spoken out about how they feel about men in rompers. Now only time will tell if RompHims become a thing this summer or simply remain a social media fling!

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