MPIO – Motion Picture Industry Orientation

The Motion Picture Industry Orientation (MPIO) will teach some of the things you will need to learn and remember in order to make a successful beginning in the motion picture industry.

The making of a motion picture is a very complex collaboration on a number of levels. From the creation of the idea through to the completion of the deal, many different people and organizations have to cooperate, negotiate and compromise.

When you join the process at the time of shooting, another collaboration begins. You must relate to your department co-workers; all the departments must relate to the director; and the entire crew must relate to the actors, the public and each other. It’s no accident that it takes organizational skills and the tight protocols of a military operation to ensure the different levels of communication, quality control and safety.

Regardless of the department you wish to work in, some things are constant throughout the business. A positive attitude and professionalism are the most important tools that you bring to work. Courtesy and respect are the basis of a professional attitude. Without this professional attitude in place, your particular skills and abilities, no matter how great, can be replaced!

This orientation program is just the first step in a series of courses or programs which will be required by the different associations, guilds, and unions in order to make your entry into the industry. In addition, some other skills that you will need to acquire or improve include resume updating and other forms of business writing, basic math skills, interview techniques, conflict resolution strategies, networking and mentoring. None of these aspects are covered within this course.

There is no job category or position within the industry which does not have skill and training requirements. Every position, including the most humble and entry-level position, requires some form of training, instruction, and experience. How each individual meets the required training and experience is entirely up to their ingenuity and their determination to become part of this industry. Be prepared to do whatever it takes to further your education and training. It’s your greatest asset on your career path.

JCI Institute offers the MPIO seminar 2-4 times per year at a cost of $157.50 (including tax).*

Seat availability is a first-come, first-served basis.

*PLEASE NOTE: JCI’s MPIO seminar is currently only available to JCI Makeup, Hair and Fashion graduates. Once MPPIA, in collaboration with Actsafe, has approved the delivery for individuals who have not studied at JCI, this information will be stated on this page.

Instructor: Teresa Meyer

Contact us at for information on the next MPIO dates.