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Must-Have Winter Hair Products

Maria Velasquez
Blog / Hair

With winter lurking around the corner, it’s time to invest in products that will keep your hair healthy, hydrated and fresh this season. Many consumers are investing in hair care products that are vegan, cruelty-free and natural. We’ve created a guide of must-have hair products that will keep the brutal winter effects away and allow your hair to shine.

The disadvantages of winter for our hair includes a lack of moisture, dry scalps that lead to frizzy and damaged hair. The scalp is more prone to dehydration during the cold weather than any other time of the year, which is why it is so important to have the right products that will keep your hair hydrated and stylish at the same time.

Hair Masks

Masks are super important to use in your hair as they are able to intensely moisturize and hydrate your scalp. Shea butter has become a key ingredient in hair masks this year, not only allowing your hair to remain healthy, but also adding a wonderful scent to it.

Invest in these products: 

IGK’s Bad and Bougie Conditioner (Available at Sephora) Cake’s Vegan Soft Serve Conditioner  The Body Shop Banana Truly Nourishing Hair Mask

Hydration For The Blondes

While many people choose to dye their hair cooler for winter, we can’t help but love seeing shiny blondes stick out this season. However, high maintenance is required if you’re a blonde. Keep your hair hydrated with Osmo’s No-Yellow masks which not only hydrate but also neutralize brassy tones.

Invest in these products:

Osmo’s No-Yellow Mask Tresemme’s Violet Blonde Shine  JOICO Blonde Life Products

Deep Sea Treatments 

The ocean provides us with many ingredients for hair products and we are so thankful. Shampoo’s including sea salts and seaweed are perfect for reducing split-ends and allow for super smooth hair.

Invest in these products: 

Umberto Giannini’s Grow Long Shampoo  Tigi’s Moisturizing Shampoo  Grow Gorgeous’s Rescue & Repair Shampoo 

Leave-In Conditioners 

Leave-in conditioners are products that have been trending in the hair industry this season and are very important to invest in for those who battle with super dry hair. These conditioners are available in sprays or cream forms and have been promoted by many Instagram bloggers.

Invest in these products:

Label M Diamond Dust formula  Biolage Oil Renew Collection  EVO Day of Grace Conditioner 

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