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New nail trends seem to be popping up all the time – but it’s not often that they make your life as easy as with nail stamping. Want an intricate design on the tiny surface of your nail without the time and intense effort of traditional nail art? You’re gonna love nail stampsnail-stamping-kit

This technique is pretty much screen printing for your nails, and can achieve amazing patterns and designs without too much fuss. It’s a two step process, but it’s the quickest way to get fine details on such a small space.

After you get yourself a nail stamping kit (containing design plates, a scraper and gel stamp), you need to select a good, opaque polish. Once your nails are painted, you just have to choose the design plate you’d like to use.nail-stamping-supplies

Once you’ve done that, apply polish to the design plate. Then use your scraper like a squeegee to clear off the excess polish for a smooth application. Now, press the gel stamper onto the design plate and you’re all set to go! Place the gel stamper onto your nail and the polish will transfer. Perfect nail art just like that!


We find a clear stamp works best so you can be sure of design placement. Choose a contrasting colour for the most impact or complimentary for a more minimalist look.

Have you tried nail stamping at home or at the salon? Let us know in the comments. Need more help? Watch this video:

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