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Nail Trends for we love for Fall 2016

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With back to school already upon us, the shift to darker autumn-ready colours has begun. You will also be seeing a whole new set of nail trends for fall 2016, which our very own JCI Body Spa students have given us the inside scoop on. Check out the top seasonal looks below, and give us a call at 604-629-1484 to book your next appointment!

Gel Polish

coffin shaped nails

No surprise here, but gel or shellac manicures continue to be the most requested at salons. Zero dry time and shine lasting two or three weeks is hard to resist! If you haven’t had the chance to try out gel yet, give it a go for only $24 at our Body Spa.

Coffin or Ballerina Tip

ballet tip nails

You’ve probably already seen the hottest shapes of the season on your social media feed. Coffin is exactly what you’d picture – the nail is elongated and tapers towards the tip, then is flattened out into a square edge. Ballerina is similar but slightly more rounded. These are the most sought after shapes by far!


matte blue nails

Just adding a matte topcoat to your regular or gel nails can give your manicure a completely different and updated look. Designs using a combination of matte and shiny finishes are also a cool, modern spin on nail art.


nude nails

Nudes have been a nail trend all year, and their popularity is continuing into autumn. It’s a simple but extremely chic look that’s easy to wear and goes with everything. If you’re not sure which nude looks best on you, stick with something that has the same undertone as your complexion.


grey manicure

Perhaps inspired by the sudden change to rainy weather, clients have been seeking calm grey nails more and more. This subtle look can be worn both in shiny or matte finish, and is universally flattering. You can go with any shade from super light to a dark charcoal depending on your mood.

Non-Traditional French Tips

matte french maincure

The French manicure is always a classic, but for fall 2016 you’re going to see metallic, matte or fun coloured tips instead of the traditional white. Clients are also choosing to forgo the light or natural base for something bolder.

Geometric Lines and Metallic Accents

geometric nail art

Nail art is heading in a simpler direction right now, and there is a huge focus on line work. Geometric patterns and triangles are common requests, especially in a metallic finish.


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