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I know biting my nails is gross but the satisfaction is out of this world. What else should my hands be doing if I’m just watching TV or sitting in class listening to a lecture? It also makes my fingers feel clean although it’s probably the most unclean thing I do daily. Having long nails makes me feel as if particles and bits of stuff is under them. I think that if I keep my nails short then the stuff won’t get stuck under there; makes sense right?

So here I am nibbling, ripping, peeling, biting layers of my nail off while the person beside me in class is staring at me with a face of disgust and annoyance. To a nail biter it seems that only they can hear the snapping sound. When I’m doing it all I care about is getting my nail down to the jelly thing that is attached to my skin, and even when no tip is left, there is always the sides.

So that was my life three weeks ago before I went on vacation to Hawaii. It seemed wrong to chew my nails in an unfamiliar place. I know it’s still North America, but I was going to the beach everyday and doing “dirty” activities. Even a professional nail biter knows where to draw the line. What changed for me was that I got my nails done. Nail polish had never stopped me before; I would just chew straight through them. What I got was a Gel Overlay that doesn’t extend your tips, it’s just painted on your existing nails.The gel polish is so hard that you can’t bite through it and it won’t chip. Where was I all these years because pretty much all the salons offer this gel?

The moral of the story is that if you have an addiction or repeating habit, take it away. In this case we cannot take our nails away, so make it impossible to chew them. Plus now my nails with the pineapple art look great! And I found out that the JCI Body Spa offers the service so I can pop by after school!

Rachel Lai, JCI Fashion Student

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