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JCI Makeup: Ones to Watch at IMATS TORONTO Nancy Jung

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Nancy Jung MUA IMATS Toronto

UPDATED 10/05/2016: Huge Congrats to Nancy on coming in 2nd place at IMATS Battle of the Brushes in the character/prosthetic category!

Say hello Nancy Jung, who is a graduate of our Makeup Artistry Program. She won a spot at IMATS Toronto Battle of the Brushes with her amazing prosthetic work, and will be competing on October 1st, 2016. We are thrilled that Nancy will be battling it out and showcasing her skills and will be following along from across the country! Read on to learn more about her experience:

How did you feel when you got into IMATS?

I was at work when I received a missed call, followed by a voicemail from Make Up Magazine. I had to replay the message a few times because it didn’t really sink in at first. I was extremely excited to be given this opportunity!

What inspired you to get into makeup artistry?

Art has always been a huge passion of mine and makeup was another way for me to be creative and express myself. I stumbled upon a YouTube video many years ago which was the reason I started to play around with makeup. The idea of using the face as a canvas was interesting to me, the more I experimented, the more I fell in love with makeup.

What are 3 products you cannot live without?

There are so many makeup products that I love, but if I can only choose 3… it would be:
1. Kat Von D Tattoo Liner in Trooper
2. Kat Von D Lock-it concealer
3. NYX Micro Brow pencil

Tell us a bit about your experience at JCI:

My experience at JCI was amazing! It was so great to be surrounded by so many talented, creative, inspiring and supportive individuals. The instructors were so lovely and supportive as well. I’ve learned so much throughout the program, and it definitely helped me grow as a makeup artist.


The Makeup Artistry Diploma Program has gained an industry-wide reputation for excellence, giving students an exceptional network of contacts and resources when they enter into the marketplace. During the 10-month full time program, students study everything from glamour and special occasion makeup to special effects makeup and prosthetics application techniques. With classes limited to 16 students, individualized attention and encouragement foster each student’s personal  and professional growth potential.

John Casablancas is the pioneer of prosthetic lab techniques and face casting in Western Canada. This advanced level of training affords our graduates amazing opportunities and a significant advantage for a career in film, TV or theatre.


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