If you love fashion, chances are you’ve struggled at some point with being a practical shopper. No one wants to be a slave to every breaking style, but at the same time it’s fun to buy and wear new pieces. We have been conditioned to always want more, and when something is popular, it’s easy to feel like you need to have it. Social media can magnify this effect, since you see the same few items again and again on your news feed. As great as you might feel in your new purchase, always being onto the next big thing can lead to unhappiness with your clothes in the long term.
How can you strike a balance between enjoying new trends and not end up with a disposable wardrobe? Read on:

Take your Time

Following a trend sometimes means instant gratification, but can also make you fall out of love with your closet far too soon. If your love of a certain piece comes fast and furious, try putting off that purchase for a while and see how you feel after some time passes.

Tone it Down

Buying something that’s more of a nod to the trend or the more basic interpretation of it can make it wearable for way longer. This is also a great way to try out something that might be out of your comfort zone.

Hit Unsubscribe

Unsubscribing from fashion retailer email blasts is a huge help when you’re feeling tempted by trends. Having shiny new pieces (or huge sales!) show up in your inbox every morning is just a reminder of what you don’t have. Don’t be afraid to take a break or filter these into a separate account you only open when you want to.

Leave it at the Checkout

Filling up your online shopping basket, then abandoning it for a few days is like the virtual equivalent of window shopping. Waiting for a day or two before checking out will give you time to think about, or forget what you clicked on.

Log off of Instagram

Social media has a huge influence over what we buy! Disconnecting for a bit can be helpful.

DIY Try Out

Instead of picking the denim jacket that’s covered in patches – try adding your own to update a piece you already have. Why not make your own uneven hem jeans from an old pair or thrift shop find? It’s far less expensive to update something you already own.

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