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Graffiti art is becoming increasingly popular around the world; especially in places like Los Angeles and New York, but never Vancouver. Vancouver has murals and strategically planned, very thought out culturally relevant masterpieces that SCREAM British Columbia at you.

It wasn’t until this past month that Vancouver Street art got a little more interesting. It turns out we have our very own Banksy. The artist, i♥, did so well replicating Banksy’s style that it went viral because people thought the infamous, faceless, creative genius had been to Vancouver. Banksy himself (whomever he is) posted the photo on his Facebook page with the hash tag #notbanksy. It’s a pretty huge deal to have him recognize one of our local street talents.

Even Olivier Theysken, designer for Theory, Instagramed the art piece! Rarely does something like fashion or art that comes out of Vancouver get so much hype; it was really crazy to see the image come up on my Instagram feed from someone really recognized in the fashion industry.

I’m super curious to know how other artists feel about the piece. I came across an article that said i♥ was plagiarizing and when Banksy posted the image he was “exposing” the artist, not sharing the art with his fans. Personally I’m stoked and proud of i♥; it would be amazing for Vancouver to have our own upcoming anonymous artist roaming the streets wreaking havoc and controversy on the world!

Savannah Cochrane, JCI Fashion Student

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