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October Woes


oct woes.pngMidterms suddenly crash into our worlds and we are not prepared. We aren’t as gung-ho about our studies in comparison to when September commenced. Late nights and take out have invaded our lives. We need to remind ourselves of the things we should be doing to stay healthy and happy.

#1 Forgetting to eat breakfast Why do we do this to ourselves? Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Yet, we will take sleeping in over eating breakfast. Let’s change our morning routine and wake up 15 minutes earlier so we can eat and keep our energy level up for the rest of the day.

#2 Skipping the gym I am guilty of this. It’s easy to make up lame excuses and say you’re too busy to go to the gym. Regret will set in after a couple of months. It’s just easier to stop making excuses and go. It’ll be just another couple of months before we look like Adriana Lima…right?

#3 Neglecting your ‘rents Your parents miss you! Don’t forget about them! Nowadays it’s so easy to keep in contact with your parents. Just send them a text or even Skype them for 5 minutes! They will appreciate it! They did raise you after all!

#4 Lay off the junk food Junk food is the sidekick of studying. They go hand in hand! Have something that is somewhat healthy once in a while. Try a salad instead of ordering in Chinese or a pizza.

#5 Studying? Right! Surprisingly, studying can help you get good grades.

Funny I know, but really, it’s easy to slack off and put off reading and studying until a later date. However, you’ll bang your head in frustration while cramming the night before the exam. Been there, done that. I don’t recommend it to anyone. Ryan Gosling knows what’s up.

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Andrea Young, JCI Fashion Student

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