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Fashion always repeats itself. Who knew that your kindergarten patched jeans would now be a chic trend popping up on all the major runways? Designers like Rebecca Taylor, Diesel and Alexander Wang are already on top of this trend. Unlike the regretted hippie patch work or elementary school mending, the new look is cleaner, modern and simple. This can take an otherwise ordinary denim garment and make it more interesting and unique.

The best way to nail this trend is to stick with shades of denim that are in the same colour family. For example, a light blue jean pant with medium blue then darker blue patches. Pair this with a white blouse and boyfriend blazer. Now you have an effortless outfit perfect for lunch with friends or running around doing errands. Colour blocking is also a great way to pull this off and still look sophisticated. A denim baby doll dress with colour blocking details paired with a cute pair of booties can easily take you from day to evening.

Patchwork denim is a new look that can easily transition into anyone’s closet, no matter their personal style. Although this is still new to the fashion world, it is definitely one that will grow more popular as the season goes on.

Kalhiea Robb, JCI Fashion Student

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