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Perfectly Common- a guide to multi-purpose products


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As a student on a budget, I have found some creative ways to use the products I currently have at home in new and inventive ways.

Baby oil is great for hydrating the skin but it can also be great for makeup removal. I use waterproof mascara and trying to remove it with certain makeup removal brands doesn’t always work. I found that by applying the oil to a cotton pad and gently rubbing my eyes makes it comes off easily and keeps my eyelids soft and supple.

Hairspray is great for creating fabulous undo’s but did you know it’s also a stain remover. Lipstick stains can really set into the fabric. If you just spray a little bit of hairspray onto the stain then leave it for a few hours before throwing it in the wash, you’ll see some great results. This doesn’t require any scrubbing or heavy chemicals. It’s just that easy.

Those dreaded deodorant stains can ruin our clothes. It can seem impossible to remove them but it can be done safely. All you need is baking soda and water. Blend the two ingredients until you make a paste. Rub the paste into the stain with your fingers. Then leave the paste on for a few hours before putting in the wash and voila!

What household item do use in multiple way to keep the cash flowing?

Sema Uludag, JCI Fashion Grad

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