John Casablancas Institute Core Design graduate Lyndsey Jackson showcased her latest collection for her brand, Phased by LJ, at Vancouver Fashion Week’s Fall/Winter 2018 show. It was Lyndsey’s first-ever showing at VFW and she definitely left her mark on the runway.
Born and raised in North Vancouver, Lyndsey has always been inspired by fashion and art. After living in Berlin, Germany in 2013, her mind opened up to the excitement of arts and creativity.

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“I achieved a Business Degree, but my heart was set on doing something more technical and with my hands.” 

From working in sales at a software company to becoming a fashion designer, Lyndsey took a leap of faith in her decision to follow her dreams. Although she had experience in the business and marketing side of fashion, Lyndsey wanted to take a dive into the technical part of the industry where she would learn all about design.

“I love Yohji Yamamoto— his aesthetic, style and mantra. I’m also inspired by the edginess in Alexander Wang’s collections. A lot of my inspiration comes from fashion and culture seen in music videos.”

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Falling in love with the fashion studio at John Casablancas Institute was one of the reasons Lyndsey decided to enrol in the Core Fashion Design Program. Knowing that it was a 6-month program focused strictly on design, Lyndsey knew she had to enrol at JCI with the goal of leaving with a marketable collection.

“I really learned to respect the creative process. It was frustrating at times, but as a designer, you’re probably not learning anything outside of the box if everything’s made easy.”

After graduating the Core Design Program, Lyndsey started working as a full-time stylist at Holt Renfrew and is the team lead for the H Project— Holt Renfrew’s speciality department which partners with organizations around the world that are socially responsible for the way products are created and by whom they are created, what materials are used, and how each organization gives back.

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Aside from working at Holt Renfrew, Lyndsey is working as a designer and taking on as many projects and contracts that come her way to developing her design skills.

“If you put your mind to something and set the right goals, there is so much that you can accomplish. I am super impressed with how much I have learned since I started at JCI. Exactly one year later I was already showing a collection of eight looks at Vancouver Fashion Week!”

Lyndsey’s brand Phased by LJ aims to provide adventurous and experimental women with new perspectives and a raw, unassuming sense of beauty. The brand is feminine with a sense of edge.

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“I’m always inspired by music, Japanese aesthetics and attitude.” 

The F/W18 collection for Vancouver Fashion Week was mainly inspired by electronic music and 90s aesthetics. A lot of layering pieces, tartan prints and asymmetrical details were seen in this collection. Lyndsey used knitwear and stretch materials in her collection but in unassuming ways. She enjoys the idea of turning knitwear into something edgy that can be dressed up but also comfortable to wear.

“I like the idea of something being a little off about a garment because in life nothing is ever perfect, you have to learn to appreciate the chaos— it adds character.” 

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After an incredible fashion show at VFW, Lyndsey was grateful for the opportunity to showcase her designs at the show. She had the chance to collaborate with her boyfriend who helped bring the visuals for the show together and the 90s inspired house music with a modern spin that played while the models walked down the runway.

“Phased by LJ will definitely keep the energy from VFW going. I’m beginning to work on inspirations and plans for my next collection and hopefully this Fall I’ll be able to make a trip to Japan!” 

Although Fashion Design is Lyndsey’s main focus, she also enjoys traveling, finding new music and socializing. She will continue working at Holt Renfrew as it is great exposure to contemporary and designer products.

“I love learning from various brands on how they market themselves in such a competitive industry. The fabrics and craftsmanship that goes into these pieces are amazing. It’s great to learn about how some of the top-of-line garments are made and analyzing the details on them. I enjoy being working in high fashion.” 

With her love for design and culture, Lyndsey hopes to get hired as a stylist or designer for music videos one day. As of now, she will continue to work on developing her brand, while working as a stylist and team lead at Holt Renfrew.