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How to Prepare for the New School Year

Maria Velasquez
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With only a few weeks left of the summer holidays, it’s time to learn how to prepare for school before September begins. The advantage of preparing in advance allows you to begin the school year on a positive note and you’ll stay organized for the rest of the semester.

Kick off the school year stress-free with these steps: 

Step One: Make A List

Ease back into the school year by creating a list of supplies and other items that you will need. Back to school clothing sales begin from mid-July to late August! Make your list of things to buy and each time you purchase an item, check it off from the list.

Buy separate journals for each subject to make your life easier! Also, it’s an efficient way to study for exams. Besides the basic school supplies: pens, textbooks, highlighters, etc., here is an emergency kit that every girl needs:

Step Two: Label Your Stuff and Gather Your Textbooks

Labeling your binders/notebooks with subject names is a must. This way you’ll be able to grab your notebooks in the morning and leave without accidentally packing the wrong book. Labeling your supplies is also convenient, this way you’ll never lose your items!

If possible, gather all your textbooks that you’ll need for the semester and skim through them before the first day of classes. Get ahead of the game and you’ll be prepared for all the first-day questions!

Step Three: Tidy Up Your Workspace

Keeping your desk/workspace organized is important because it’s where you’ll be spending most of your time studying and working. It’s difficult to concentrate in a messy environment, so tidy up your workspace with these DIY basics found on our Pinterest.


Step Four: Plan Your Outfit

Plan your outfit the night before the big day. If you’re someone who can’t decide on ane outfit, lay out multiple clothing choices ahead of time – you’ll be thankful for this tip in the morning.

Step Five: Get a Good Sleep In

Go to bed early and rest up for the long day ahead of you. If you struggle with sleeping early and can’t seem to put your smartphone away… then here are a few tips you’ll need to read on how to turn your bedroom into a sleeping cave.

For more back to school hacks, check out our Pinterest page! 

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