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Fashion Business & Creative Arts

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47 Weeks | 20 Hours per week | 20 Students per Class

The Fashion Business & Creative Arts Diploma Program succeeds in helping graduates make their passion their career with a program unlike any other. Covering a wide spectrum of the Fashion industry, this program prepares students for careers in merchandising, buying, sales, design, public relations, advertising/marketing, importing/ exporting, creative direction, illustration, bridal consulting, and much more. Each course within the program consists of interactive lectures, in-class discussions and practical assignments. You’ll have the chance to immerse yourself in hands-on learning with a series of talks from industry leaders, as well as field trips that align your course material. These networking opportunities outside the classroom will help you foster connections with industry experts, giving you a serious edge when it’s time to pursue your career upon graduation.

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Let’s start with the big picture. In this course, you’ll gain a fashion foundation by studying the evolution of the industry throughout the 20th century. You’ll learn about the influence of international fashion designers, the product development process and the steps to apparel manufacturing. You’ll also get to explore the fashion lifecycle and learn how to use political and social thinking as a way of predicting fashion trends. The goal is for you to understand how the fashion industry functions—from something as abstract as a design concept, to something as concrete as a retail purchase.
Ever walk into a store and feel its atmosphere? That’s thanks to fashion merchandising. In this course, we blend visual art with marketing to give you a chance to bring your artistic vision to life in different fashion contexts. You’ll have the opportunity to create and execute window displays within the JCI Fashion Annex, as well as partner with neighbourhood boutiques and nationally recognized retailers . You’ll learn to follow a merchandising plan, taking into consideration factors like windows, lighting, mannequins, signage, driving revenue, branding and logo development. You’ll also design a floor plan layout of your dream store, down to every last detail.
No matter what your focus is within the industry, being able to identify textiles and suggest how to use them is a valuable skill. In this course, you’ll learn about fiber properties and characteristics, weaves and knits, dyeing methods, printing, finishing, fabric sourcing, and labeling laws. You’ll get to experiment with different fabrics, testing your swatch book to determine what happens if you cut a fabric, burn it, pill it, dye it or stretch it. A highlight of this course is visiting the Maiwa School of Textiles—this interactive field trip gives you the chance to handle different fabrics and learn textile techniques from indigenous cultures around the world.