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Makeup Artistry

// Program Overview

45 Weeks | 20 Hours per week | 16 Students per Class

JCI’s award-winning Makeup Artistry Diploma Program has a reputation for supplying the most sought-after graduates who become movers and shakers in the industry.

During the ten-month, full-time program, you’ll gain a comprehensive understanding of makeup artistry — from everyday beauty to nightmare-inducing special effects. Our instructors are graduates themselves, which means they can relate to you every step of the way. They’re also successful artists in a variety of fields, so your course material will always be cutting-edge and relevant. We’ve kept our class sizes small (16 students max.) to ensure you receive the individual attention you need. This also fosters a sense of community between you and your fellow artists.

As the pioneer of prosthetic lab techniques and face-casting in Western Canada, JCI is often the first stop for recruiters. Our dedicated Industry Liaison, Jennine, will work with you to think beyond the classroom — where will you go from here? Jennine has a network of connections at her disposal, which means job postings are communicated directly to you. Whether you want to pursue makeup artistry in fashion, film, or special effects, an education at JCI will give you a serious advantage when starting your career.

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// Course Outline

Makeup Unlimited 1

Makeup Artistry Essentials

  • The role of the makeup artist and job opportunities
  • Your professional Makeup Kit—makeup products, tools and equipment
  • Makeup Brushes—discussion of hair and fibre types, the individual use of each brush, cleaning and maintenance
  • Sanitation and Hygiene procedures
  • How to identify different skin typesdry, normal, oily
  • How to select the appropriate skincare products for a particular skin type
  • Basic concepts of highlighting, shading and contouring
  • Deep analysis of face, eye, nose and lip shapes
  • Colour theory
  • Skin tone analysis
  • Basic corrective makeup techniques
  • How to select correct foundations for various skin types and tones
  • Classic eyebrow shaping
  • Makeup designs for daytime, evening, and special occasions
  • Makeup for various ethnicities
  • Speed Application—”The 20 Minute Makeup”
  • Cosmetic brands / products and their unique features
  • Professional selling skills development
  • The best way of presenting products
  • Fundamentals
  • Decades
  • Bridal and special occasion styling
  • Model testing
  • Current trends
  • Avant Garde hair

Makeup Unlimited 2

Photography, High Fashion & Decades Makeup

  • Photo-shoot etiquette
  • Building the professional makeup kit for fashion and print-work
  • Makeup artist’s portfolio
  • Makeup styles and strengths for various photography work
  • Current fashion trends
  • In-studio and outdoor lighting
  • Black & White and Colour film stocks
  • Application of false eyelashes
  • Bridal makeup techniques
  • Client make-overs
  • Makeup for various fashion show formats
  • Current industry trends
  • Avant-garde makeup designs and applications
  • In-depth study of makeup for each decade
  • Celebrity look-a-like makeup
  • Male to female drag makeup
  • Music video creative
  • Showgirl makeup
  • Social media platforms
  • Business profile
  • Networking online
  • Video editing/lighting

Makeup Unlimited 3

Makeup Principles for Film, TV, Theatre & Airbrushing

  • Role of Makeup Artist working for Theatre, TV and Film—responsibilities, duties, differences
  • Makeup Department in Film—Key makeup Artist, 1st and 2nd Assistants
  • Professional makeup kit—specialty tools, equipment and makeup products for the film industry
  • Working on location—creating a set bag; IATSE Local 891—application and requirements
  • Introduction to different job descriptions on film production
  • Script study
  • Importance of continuity
  • Creating the look for a character
  • Budgeting for film
  • Lighting for theatre, film, and TV
  • TV and Film makeup for women, men, and children
  • Body makeup; tattoo coverage
  • Highlight and Shadow
  • Fantasy makeup and body painting for stage
  • How to operate an airbrush
  • Airbrush makeup application on face, body, and hair
  • Airbrush tanning and “Red Carpet”
  • Full body fantasy makeup application
  • Branding your company
  • Branding core values
  • Logo design
  • Utilizing social media: YouTube, Instagram, Snapchat

Makeup Unlimited 4

Special Effects Makeup

  • Special effects makeup
  • Age reversal techniques
  • Out of kit effects
  • Injury simulations (bruises, blood effects, scars, scrapes, amputations, wounds, broken bones and noses, burns, etc.)
  • Application, painting techniques, texturing

Makeup Unlimited 5

Prosthetics / Laboratory Techniques & Advanced Airbrushing

  • Introduction to Special Effects Lab
  • Different types of moulds
  • Creating a generic prosthetic piece
  • Latex and gelatin appliance application
  • Special makeup effects and prosthetic painting with airbrush
  • Lifecasting
  • Sculpting
  • Making gelatin prosthetic
  • Prosaide transfers
  • Foam Latex application
  • Silicone prosthetic application
  • Aging prosthetic application
  • Appliance application
  • Registering domain name
  • Webpage layout
  • Content development
  • Career planning
  • Possibility of starting own business / freelance work
  • Business plan development
  • Self-marketing strategies
  • Negotiating the contract
  • Invoicing
  • Cover letter and resume preparation
  • Business card design
  • Union information, working in the BC Film Industry


This school is very professional and the teachers, as well as the course content, are very cutting edge. My instructors were friendly and knowledgeable and made us all feel comfortable. I am extremely pleased with the entire course. I learned to do things I never thought possible and I would recommend this school to everyone.

Lisa Keeping | JCI Grad

// Instructors

Jennine Cook
Jennine CookProgram Co-Director & Industry Liaison
Marie Zampini
Marie ZampiniProgram Co-Director and Assistant Executive Director
Tracy Lai
Tracy LaiDirector of Special Effects Makeup
Paula Magaton
Paula MagatonInstructor of Fashion & Beauty Makeup