Prom may be only a few weeks away and even though you’ve found that perfect dress and accessories, it’s now time to think about what hair style you’re going to rock on that magical evening.
John Casablancas Institute is on Pinterest and we’ve come up with a board to help get you inspired for graduation/ prom hair styles.

#1: Braids

Braids give a romantic prom look and can be styled in tons of ways. Here are a few ways to rock a braid on your special day. Textured curls and braids, braids that knot into a bun and a fairytale fish braid are all perfect prom hair styles. Stand out by adding flowers to your braid… or diamonds!

#2:  Sleeked Back/ Wet Hair

You’ve seen celebrities wear this look such as Kim Kardashian and Zendaya Coleman, and now you can also show if off at prom. The wet sleeked back hair look has been seen at award shows and there’s no doubt that this hair style will be trending this summer.

#3: Gorgeous Low and High Buns

Buns give an elegant look to your outfit and they’re super easy to maintain throughout the night. (Probably because it’s held in with a million pins!) You can never go wrong with an up-do for prom.

#4: Curls: The Bigger the Better

Whether it’s big or side curls, or wavy curls, these hair styles are legendary and will never go out of style.

#5: Polished Ponytail

The polished ponytail can be perfected by applying a smoothing product to damp hair and then blow dried with a brush. Slicked back ponytails are also super easy to style and maintain throughout the night.

Check out our JCI Pinterest to view more hair styles for prom/grad.